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  1. This is not a bug, it is a shame. One of the most important tool is not working properly.
  2. Only I want to go back to the previous version of Affinity Designer? The 1.7 has too many primitive and annoying bugs. Sorry to say that, bad job Serif.
  3. I understand. I just wanted to say that a lot of people can easily replace Photoshop with Designer. For example, only in the company where I work, if I get permission, 38 people will say goodbye to Adobe. And I really want this, I hate subscription model & Creative Cloud :)
  4. But not everything is so categorical. I replaced Photoshop and Illustrator with Affinity Designer for UI design))
  5. What's so strange about that? I am UI designer and have been a Photoshop user since 1995. I deleted Photoshop from my desktop a week ago.
  6. Wow ... This is not a bug this is feature )) TonyO, Thank you for help! PÅ¡enda, Thanks for helping to explain the problem!
  7. Hi, The toolbar looks awful on a ultrawide monitor. Thanks.

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