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  1. Hi I exported the files I created in the 1.7 version of AD , in another vectorial format (like SVG or EPS). So, I can open them in 1.6.5 version.
  2. Hi I also have a Wacom Intuos pro (it's my second), and I'm not surprised to read that you have this kind of issue, because I had a lot of little bugs too with this tablet. Sometimes it was a dust, sometimes a pencil lead too worn , or a lot of times I had to reinstall this Wacom plugin (at least 3 times per year)...
  3. Thanks for those explanations! Yes I looked at my colours preferences. I choosed a Fogra instead of US web coated for CMYK. But the problem was mostly "Absolute colorimetric". So, I selected "Relative colorimetric", and I don't have this kind of issues anymore. Is Perceptive colorimetric better than Relative or other options? And yes, I did a .EPS copy of my files, in order to open them in the 1.6.5 version.
  4. Thanks for your reply! Yes, I tried to reset preferences... It didn't work. When I clicked on "reset brushes" and other things like that, a windows appears, saying "Brushes restored to factory setting.". But when I click on "Reset User Defaults", no message, and I see my preferences haven't changed. I changed "Absolute colorimetric" for "Relative colorimetric". It seems to work for the new files I create in CMYK.. But not for those I did this week, which have still weirds CMYK colors and previews. I don't really know why. But when I copy and paste the vectors in another new document, It seems ok. For some of them, (after pasting) I have this color issues again, but when I change the colors manually, I don't have anymore this preview and weird CMYK issue I'm really happy !!!
  5. After reinstalling the 1.6.5, I still have CMYK weird values. Before the day I did the 1.7.0 update I never encountered this kind of problem...
  6. yes I checked, and tried to change the colors preferences. In the previews of windows 7, I have this issue with .afdesign files that I didn't converted or exported
  7. It seems to be an issue related to colorimetric profiles. When I select Fogra, the White appears whiter than with US web coated profile in the prewiew. But still not 100% white as in my .afdesign file... Really weird because 100% white exists in all profiles
  8. Thanks for your quick reply! I already did some export of CMYK .afdesign files to PNG. My white was always white after it, and the colors where the exact same ones as in my .adfesign file , before updating to 1.7.0 version. I read this post and apply the given advices, but it didn't worked..
  9. Hi I did the update to the 1.7.0 version. When I export a CMYK .afdesign file to PNG, the 100% white background I made turn into a “yellowish/greyish” white after exporting. It also does it with every other colors. They become duller and not the same as in the .afdesign file I've created. In my Windows folder, it's the same thing. All the previews of my CMYK .afdesign files shows wrong colors. So i've chosen to reinstall the 1.6.5 But it do the same thing again ! I didn't had this issue before doing the update to the 1.7.0 version. And with RGB I don't have this problem. I'm on Windows 7, (64 bits) Can someone help me please? It's stressing me a lot. Colorimetry is already enough difficult when there is no problem...
  10. Hi I wanna report some bugs with this new Affinity Designer version for Windows : - In my Windows folder, the previews (icons) of my .afdesign CMYK documents shows wrong colors that doesn't are the same as in the picture I created (duller colors).. example = true white appears as a yellowish white. - Sometimes when I try to open Affinity Designer, it doesn't open. After reinstalled the 1.6.5 : - I can't open .afdesign files that I created with the 1.7.0 version, in the 1.6.5 version ....
  11. thanks for these explanations! Ok, TSL is a french thing! I will edit my message. But there is no "L" in affinity designer. It's an "I" (intensity/Intensité, maybe?) Saturated paintings/watercolor can be difficult to convert to CMYK.. But we can touch up colors with softwares I didn't really understood the comparison in your last phrase. Because CMYK is not comparable to work with real paintbrushes, and water. (And my translation in french do not make any sens..)
  12. I used the shortcut ctrl + F to find the number of cr4ppy in this page! I don't know. To pick my colors, I use the HSL wheel (triangle) in affinity designer. It's the only wheel. What does HSL means? I guess this is compatible with both (CMYK and RGB colors) Maybe.. But we can use vectors for web too. I think I'll check sometimes with a quick conversion, in order to see if my colors looks similars with the other format (CMYK or RGB). For a logo, it's better to start in CMYK.. and avoid the idea of saturated turquoise or magenta if we have to print lol
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