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  1. Awesome THANK YOU!!!! That's perfect for what I need, you are a true life saver! I only need an image at the end of the trace, I'll adjust and sort before doing that. I produce music so I like to make my own record/cd sleeves and I'm a nerd haha. I used to use Ai/Ps but after a bust up with Adobe I found this wonderful tool and would never go back (I'm also telling everyone I know about AD/AP). Thanks again Gabe!
  2. Hi @GabrielM, Thank you for your reply, really appreciate it. I think I get what you mean. These are just lines at the moment as I'm trying to trace a picture. So is there no way of joining 2 nodes together to form one shape or do you have to trace it with the pen tool in one complete go (which i'm finding awkward with detailed areas)? Cheers, Sean
  3. Hi, I'm new to Affinity Designer (v 1.6.5 mac) so sorry if this is has been mentioned somewhere on the forum I've followed the suggested method(s) (as stated in a tuts) and it's not working as expected? I select the 2 nodes I want to join to make one shape with the node tool then holding down the shift key the 2 nodes go blue as expected see image: I then select and press the Join Curves tool and this happens? (I've also tried the close curve tool and that closes 2 red nodes, can we change the red nodes? If not can we have the option to change the red nodes) Now I could be the idiot here, but I want it to join the 2 blue nodes I've selected and for love nor money I can't get it to work. Please can someone help, or is this an issue as I've literally spent 2 days trying to figure this out with tuts, forums and trials. Cheers, Sean