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  1. Hi. I'm relatively new to Affinity. But the transition was super easy. With each update since August 2020 I find that its been made harder and harder to use the software. The last month I have been frequenting this forum more and more to see if I can figure out this last thing that happened, and I just can not. I have snap disabled, every where I can find to turn it off, yet I get mustard yellow circular anchor points (when I hoover close to the otherwise normal looking anchor point) that will not let me put an anchor point very close to them. I would screen shoot them but they disappear as soon as I touch and screen grab keys. I hate it. And I do not understand what I have turned on/off to make this happen. Or what I have don't to deserve them. I cant imagine that they serve any functionality but I assume they do. This means that I have to alt click for all anchor points I put down with the Pen Tool. I also loose some functionality from the anchor point. I obvs. have a ton of Adobe experience like every one else, but I hate them and I really want Affinity to be a viable option for me instead. This thing is breaking me and my workflow tho. Please help me understand why I am experiencing this crippling snapping.
  2. Having the same issue. Running on OSX 10.15.6 and SF This is a doc that is generated from AF and it is also one of two shapes in this doc. I can get the first gradient object to change colors but the 2nd above that I can not get the color selection for the gradient to appear with out doing a restart.
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