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  1. Yes please. Looking for a qwertz-keyboard-shortcuts-cover. Haven't found any so far 😥
  2. Oh you mean tools like Workplus, ActivityWatch, toggl track, ManicTime, RescueTime and so on. Yeah that could ease the pain a bit. Thanks for the suggestion.
  3. Dear Affinity Team, I'm in the process of creating a huge ass portfolio of my works. During the process it came to my mind, that some readers and customers might be interested to know, how much time I have spend on each of my works. Obviously, it would be a solution to measure things on my own (which seems hard to apply for previous projects) but I figured, it might be a neat feature, if the Affinity Suit had some sort of tracking system incorporated. Surely, it can't be said, that the time a document has been opened, equals the time actually spend working on it (idle time, coffee breaks and so on), but it makes for a reasonable start. To further improve the accuracy, two ideas came to my mind: Track the users actvity and create an average APM. If the downtime gets out of hand, take it as a break. Show Document opened. Estimated work time. Give the user an interface to start, pause, continue the tracking. Cheers, Jan
  4. I hope you like the idea. And make sure to check the .afdesign-file which contains the original sketch. ND.afdesign
  5. I wanted to say thank you for the feedback so far <3 I didn't buy anything yet, so I am quite interested in your review.
  6. Hey guys, I'm looking for an entry-level-tablet and just finished my research which left me with three devices. Those are: - XP-Pen Star 03 - Huion H610Pro - Huion 1060 Plus Since I am a novice I would love to know which of these devices you would recommend. I also created a strawpoll, to collect the feedback from across the web, so feel free to give it a click ; ) Cheers, Jan
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