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    RosomakPL got a reaction from Jeremy Bohn in "Rasterize" an image?   
    Exactly the same question bothers me. I do not understand what's the point  to import of bitmaps as objects (image) by default. What's sense it is? By default, it should be imported as (pixel).
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    RosomakPL reacted to Jeremy Bohn in "Rasterize" an image?   
    Thanks Ron. Once I get the Flood Select actually working, I've figured out how to use it. I just don't get that first extra step when I open a non-Affinity image. This last time that it happened, I knew there was something I did to get it working in the past and I could not figure it out for awhile. I guess I just don't get it - why bring an image into Photo if not to edit it, so why not "raster" it automatically or maybe even just ask me. I newbie might just give up and think it's broken. And I still think raster is the wrong word.
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    RosomakPL reacted to Jeremy Bohn in "Rasterize" an image?   
    Another helpful idea: instead of letting me click on the Image layer with an unsupported tool over and over like and idiot, wondering why it's not working, the app could just throw up a warning saying the selected tool is not supported with that type of layer and to convert to a Pixel layer?
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    RosomakPL got a reaction from All Media Lab in Save batch processes...   
    Yes, this feature would be very useful. Dear developers, please consider this :-)
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    RosomakPL reacted to grapher in problem with expand stroke....   
    Why is this awfull bug stil here? after more than a year ...  

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    RosomakPL got a reaction from Chris B in [AP] Warp Mesch Tool - Resampling problem   
    Thanks for your answer. This is Beta version, so I'm glad that I can help.
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    RosomakPL reacted to mark-h in Rasterizing/trimming in Photo/Designer   
    I would really like the ability to merge different objects (embedded images, curves, etc) together without them being cropped to the document/artboard size. Currently the only option is to rasterize and this cuts off anything outside the document. I can see the benefits of having it this way but it doesn't even leave enough to fill the bleed area set in the document setup.
    I know ideally all images should be prepared to include any extra size you need but often a lot of experimentation happens when preparing the image in the space you plan to use it in and it would be nice to be able to rasterize trimming.
    Kind regards,
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    RosomakPL got a reaction from drkanukie in Force pixel alignment for transform panel in AD   
    When I work on projects in which pixel accuracy is important, often after scaling elements I need to manually adjust the coordinates in the transform tab.  It would be nice if there were buttons for rounding coordinates on this panel. When clicking with the [ctrl] key, it could round all parameters. I painted it on attached screen.  It would be very convenient at work when you working on many objects. Instead of correcting 4 fields on the keyboard.