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  1. Thanks a lot ! I'l trying quikly. tks again
  2. Sorry, I don't know how to "rasterize" and I couldn't find the command. I know a bit about gimp and I know how to copy a BW image into a mask and apply a threshold in order to create a new selective mask, I just can't do it with affinity.I'm just able to use a brush...
  3. Hello, How do I copy an image into a mask in order to merge two images according to the densities of the image contained in the mask? I can't create this mask despite a lot of time. thanks
  4. Ah! Bad news, I had understood that Affinity was now working with wine. So I'm going to stick with very old PC and win7 TKS
  5. Ok thanks. I've the "affinity key" is it enought ? (I've no longer the email nor login you said.) I 've Win7 and I plan to use WIN10 and wine in order to run under Linux Mint. Any problem ? TKS
  6. All right! So I understand that I have no chance of seeing a Linux version of affinity coming... So I'll look for other solutions. That's just what I wanted to know when I asked my questions: how do I structure my next computer system... Tks Bye
  7. Ok, thank's a lot for your answer... It's really a big problem for me because my PC is too old to continue using the current software (14 years old) and I absolutely don't want to go on with Mickey and the apple...
  8. I don't really understand how hard it is to migrate to Linux; the Mac OS is a Unix derivative, so the migration shouldn't be that hard, right?
  9. Thank you very much; I didn't know and discovered this long and very interesting thread. Of course, I'll be willing to pay my share to have an affinity on Linux.
  10. HI, I have a 10-year old PC running Win 7 with Affinity-Photo installed. Following Mickey's divorce with me, I want to migrate to Linux Mint 19.3. Mint is now installed on a new PC but Affinity doesn't work on Linux (too bad!). Then I installed Wine 4 (soon 5) which will allow me to use my Windows softwares under Linux. How can I install Affinity on Mint, with the possibility to go back to Win 7 if the result is not conclusive? (speed and functions) What about the installation rights? TKS
  11. Oh... At home, we have 3 Pc running under Mint and only one under Win 7
  12. The chicken and the egg... I have a very old PC with Win 7; I don't want Win 10 and would like to switch to Linux but I'm blocked by Affinity which doesn't offer anything for it. I can wait a long time then !?
  13. Good morning, sir, Yes, that's exactly it. Of course, I couldn't find any settings to change it and that's why I was asking... When you work in a photographic format and you want to crop a scene, in most cases you want to keep the original format. In my opinion and experience, it's very rare that people change format or adopt an unconventional format... At least it would have been convenient to keep the original format or to be able to set any default format. I come up against this problem every day and I find it more and more painful. Are there any reasons (that I don't know yet), to keep this kind de parameter ? TKS
  14. HI, Please, why it'snt possible to cropping by default in the original shape. Is there any parameter to modify ?
  15. I really like this latest version of affinity. Suggestion: Would it be possible the possibility to choose the default mode of the cropping tool or may be, to set it by default in the original format? TNX
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