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  1. A complete irrelevant analogy. Linux has had more than enough time by now to have proven itself as The Next Big Thing. Unlike the internet and smartphones, it has singularly, self-evidently failed to do so. QED.
  2. AfterShot Pro is dead - the very definition of abandonware. Tells the story, doesn't it..?
  3. More irrelevant speculation based on nothing more than "I think...". "I want..." All this noise about "the Linux market" - where is it? It'd make more sense for Serif to produce a Chromebook Affinity product, based on actual - and prospective - market share! (And yes, I know what OS Chrome is based on...) This article says all we need to know - maybe when this changes. Serif's opinion will:
  4. Haven't you got that back-to-front? Linux zealots interminably banging on about what they want (and making up fairy stories about the viability of it), despite it being clear that it ain't happening, is far closer to harassment than anything written on here pushing back "Linux users that love Affinity products" need to make a decision: which is more important to them? Their love of Affinity? Or their OS religious fundamentalism?
  5. Here we go again - this completely unquantified, unquantifiable "a lot". No smart business makes investment commitments on the basis of such speculative, uninformed, questionable market estimates. Sarcasm or not, good grief. What possible logic is there to such a ridiculous speculation? Seriously - what does MS gain by doing something like that? Has your tinfoil hat fallen off? Linux zealots aren't "problem solvers" in my experience - just a bunch of selfish, disruptive, conspiracy theorist malcontents who are never happy, and who think the world owes them something.
  6. Christ - the arrogance! You have literally no idea whether you're speaking for anyone but you.
  7. "You expect it to be there" does not equate to "all" former PhotoShop users.
  8. Yeah... You've made that up.
  9. You mean, like they currently do with Windows and Mac? And before you changed it, your post also said "If anyone wants anything else then too bad." Funny how that's not OK when they say it about Linux, eh?
  10. And why do you think that is?
  11. Indeed. Tediously self-important, isn't it? As is this self-absorbed paranoia. (I'm an information- and privacy-law professional in the UK - I understand this stuff - and this nonsense is seriously over the top).
  12. He wasn't talking to you, so your indignation is misplaced.
  13. You've answered your own question: are you seriously expecting to be as familiar and productive with Photo in a few hours as you are with PhotoShop after 25 years? Many of us have made the move with no problem whatsoever. It's just a matter of doing it and accepting that there's an unavoidable learning curve associated with getting to grips with a new programme.
  14. Keith Reeder

    Photo to Painting

    Agreed, jmac - the arbitrary application of gimmicky filters is no substitute for quality or ability; nor does it make an otherwise banal image somehow "worthwhile". A pet peeve of mine, too.
  15. Were you given any impression by Serif that this was even being considered?