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  1. Why? Serif has already been very clear that they're providing a solution to your exact problem, and has posted fixes to your error message in the meantime. Maybe you should read more of the thread before complaining.
  2. You've been sure about a lot of things you just got plain wrong, Ronny - keep up the good work.
  3. Well those words of "wisdom" didn't age well - did they, Ronny Boy? The complaining has directly resulted in Serif changing tack and agreeing to offer up a standard install option.
  4. Well in fairness to Serif, you wouldn't know: Like most companies, Serif surely conducts market research, and such research is rarely made public. I still really struggle to get my head around the notion that download file-size is an issue to anyone in the 2020s - I'd like to see the question that was asked of customers to drive that conclusion out - but that's the point: market research is generally commercial in confidence information. Which does of course allow for "creative interpretations" of the results to suit pre-existing agendas, as they're not open to scrutiny...
  5. Indeed. I can only assume that an unfeasibly large number of Serif customers are still on dial-up... πŸ™„ Seriously, Serif: one of the main reasons (the main reason, for me) that so many people are on fibre broadband and other fast connections is so that they can comfortably deal with larger downloads.
  6. Well this customer wasn't asked about it, and he definitely would not have voted for the mess Serif has got itself - and its users - into here. I wonder if you'd get the same result now, Mark? Sounds like a "bright" idea that hasn't survived contact with reality...
  7. Jesus wept - you know nothing about business, do you? Clue: "the customer is always right". Seriously - look it up: it's a maxim that outdates anyone on this thread by 100 years, and although it's a clichΓ©, it's also often true.
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