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  1. dimmageiras

    Can´t import brushes

    Here you are Angelize, this is the link to download AP For me the install failed, so I had to uninstall the latest beta and then install this version.
  2. dimmageiras

    Can´t import brushes

    This suggested workaround (fix) is indeed working: 1. downgrade your AP beta version to 2. import the brushes you want 3. export the brushes 4. import them to AP
  3. Same here. But: 1. If you move the cursor outside of the document and then back inside, the cursor turns back to the circle icon. 2. If you left or right click inside the document the cursor turns back to the circle icon. The same behaviors occur with the inpainting brush tool.
  4. dimmageiras

    Introduce Yourself

    Hello my name is Dimitris. I've done some photo editing with some free software, but I'm glad to have found Affinity Photo a professional tool which is affordable to my pocket.Thank you for this great software!

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