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  1. Nice work, Hopefully GPU acceleration on windows will also get some love in the future. In addition a Lightroom like app would be cool, where a virtual copy of a raw file could be edited in Photo via Studio Link.
  2. Perhaps offer two denoise algorithms: 1) Fast and ordinary one (default) 2) Slow and perfect one (option) The ones, who select 2) have time to wait. The ones who do not care (1)), have fast develop times. Same strategy works well in DxO PhotoLab with ordinary denoise and prime denoise.
  3. I have also written to a resposive forum moderator to shortcut you to the NIK department, so hopefully things will go the right way. At least we will now, which side has work to do :-)
  4. I have already reposted the current progress here. https://feedback.dxo.com/t/maybe-improved-nik-support-in-affinity-incoming/7907 But speaking developer to developer would speed up things.
  5. Just for your information: There is a new release of the DxO NIK, which has targeted some crashes with Affinity Photo on Mac. They are explicitely working on a better compatibility with Affinity Photo now: https://nikcollection.dxo.com/release-notes/
  6. Or you buy AcdSee Pro for around 50€/$. It replaces Lightroom very well in terms of DAM for me and the payed amount is a one time fee for many years.
  7. DxO is becomeing more customer oriented. There is a public feature request board available. You can now vote for official Affinity support for NIK here: https://feedback.dxo.com/t/official-support-of-nik-plugins-with-affinity-software/3283/1
  8. First my heart jumped...because I thought spotlight might be the Affinity lightroom. But thinking about it, I remembered, that I read a RAW vs JPEG article on spotlight yesterday, which was great. So, thx for this.
  9. Yes, I also do not understand why a print layouting tool is preferred to a DAM / RAW tool. Looking at the Facebook follower of Adobe products: Photoshop: 7.6 Mio -> Affinity Photo Illustrator: 1.5 Mio -> Affinity Designer Lightroom: 1.4 Mio -> Missing InDesign: 0.7 Mio -> Affinity Publisher the Lightroom clone should come first, because it has a twice as large user base. But maybe such a tool is harder to make, because of the different RAW formats, camera/lens profiles, metadata stuff and undocumented raw features. Hence the decission, to postpone it to later. Making a DAM tool can really be a time sink.
  10. Maybe some sort of user defined preset or template functionality could help which could be applied as default starting point, when the user opens a raw. This way the user could set up the settings from the video as default preset. Today's raw tools tend to do more 'Auto' with more or less success.
  11. And if you make a DAM, please make the window which contains the preview tiles dockable. This will allow the user: 1) to dock it to the centre to see many tiles at once. 2) to dock it as filmstrip to the bottom to place a large preview window to the centre for culling It would also work with 1) only, but would not be that flexible.
  12. Cool finding, comment at the bottom: raw.pixls.us is used by darktable for regression testing of rawspeed and by RawTherapee. It is available for any projects that need access to a library of raw files.
  13. @Mark Ingram If you need some inspiration, have a look on IMatch. Not from the usability and visual design point of view, but from its capabilities and the possibility to be used with different raw development tools. Looking at it, Lightroom becomes really limited. Especially the metadata, version and buddy file handling are unique. Maybe this can help to make the right decissions. Wish you good luck.
  14. If you really make an Affinity Darktable, please consider: Hierarchical Collections, Smart Collections, Possibility to display photos in a whole directory subtree, XMP Import/Export, Batch Metadata Editing, Hierarchical Keywords, Search by Metadata Tags, Pass raws to external development tools (not as tiff), Stacks, Virtual Copies, Autostacking Raws and (jpeg/tiff)-versions using Regex on name or metadata, Token based batch renaming and destination folder definition on import and inside catalog. There are so many companies like On1, that bring out only partially usable DAM solutions.
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