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  1. For any Windows users who may be experiencing problems accessing Google Nik Efex filters following the recent update. I installed the update and immediately could not access the Nik filters. This continued even though I uninstalled and reinstalled through the preferences plugins dialogue. I experienced the same problem following the previous major update. That was resolved by what I thought to be a fluke of chance as the Nik filters appeared in AP after I had activated one of the filters through Capture One. I went through this same process and once again the Nik filters became available in AP. I have no idea how this might be explained but it has resolved the same problem on two occasions....I may just have got lucky on both those occasions. If anyone is experiencing problems with the Google Nik filters following the update, it might be worth going through the uninstall/reinstall plugins through preferences and if that does not work then try launching Nik through another software.
  2. Many AP Windows users will have the original Nik plug ins installed and working ( not the DXO variants )…….. are there any known problems with the original Niks working with the new update ?
  3. My thanks to everyone who has added to my original post and my apologies for not being able to keep up with the responses. Thank you @Mark Ingram I have downloaded and installed the beta, which shows a clear improvement in development times both with and without the noise reduction enabled. Appreciation too for a quick response and your commitment to seeking to resolve the issues reported, big thumbs up for Serif and AP.
  4. Hi, the Raw files ( Sony ) load as per usual, it is the length of time to develop which has changed from around 4 to 5 seconds to the 80 seconds or so when I posted. Single files being loaded. Since posting, I have reset AP to base settings and the Raw files are now taking around 15 to 20 seconds to develop, noise reduction off, but the refine tool is sill taking much longer than previously. The dialogue "Affinity is not responding" remains a frequent occurrence and there has been one full crash since my report. System etc...……. Windows 10 Intel R, Core TM.. i5-7400 CPU @ 3GHz 3GHz RAM 8.00 GB, ( 7.89 available ) 64 bit o/6, x64 based processor Thank you
  5. Since installing AP 1.7 there has been a noticeable dip in performance when developing Raw files. With previous versions the time to add basic Raw adjustments ie exposure, blackpoint, saturation etc was never longer than 4 to 5 seconds. The average time ( taken from 7 files ) is now 1 minute and 20 seconds for the same basic adjustments. Additionally, the time taken to finalise a selection from the refine option, ie to finish to new layer or new layer with mask has also considerably lengthened and often with the " Affinity has stopped working " dialogue appearing. Using Windows 10 with most recent update. Are these examples known bugs ?
  6. Thank you Mark, I have previously accessed and downloaded the Vimeo tutorials from a Windows desktop ( Affinity Photo ), our broadband service is pretty poor and having access from an internal hard drive has been very helpful. I have most of the original tutorials downloaded, so it will be the newer or updated tutorials which I was hoping to be able to add to the originals. It is very useful to be able to quickly skip to and fro between tutorial and AP to practice the techniques demonstrated, not always practical though when the broadband service is playing up.... which is pretty often. Fingers crossed the option to download the tutorials might, at some point, be available.
  7. When accessing the original sets of video tutorials it was possible to download and save them to a hard drive for, in my instance, viewing when internet access is slow, difficult or not possible. For the new, updated tutorial sets the download option does not seem to be available.. at least I cannot see it. Is the option to download now ceased or will it return ?
  8. I am pleased it is working well for you, still no luck for me though and no means to send a file edited in C1 to Affinity without going through a lengthy workaround process. Hoping Santa might bring a bug fix.
  9. It seems there is a known bug with the Edit With tool in version 12.. this is what I have been told by capture One.... I wish they will hurry up with a fix
  10. I have had a response from Capture One to indicate there is a known bug issue concerning the Edit With tool in version 12 , for which a resolution is being sought. This same issue has been reported by others on the Capture One and other facebook group pages.
  11. Thank you to those who have responded, I am still no further on so I have sent a note through to capture One support which is stated below I am using Windows 10 and have not experienced any difficulties until upgrading to capture One version 12 In Capture One version 11 when sending a file to Affinity Photo for further work the pathway was.. Image / Right Click > Edit With > Option Box for file type, size, colour space etc > Affinity Photo from its folder on C Drive > Highlight > Open File would open in Affinity Photo showing the Capture edits. When saved, it would return to Capture as a Tiff showing the additional work undertaken in Affinity. Since upgrading to capture One version 12, this process has become a bit of a nightmare. When selecting Edit With, there is no longer an option for Affinity Photo so Browse or Pick an Application must be used. If selecting Browse the Affinity Photo option must be sourced from its folder on C drive and opened from there. The file then opens as an unaltered raw file, without the Capture One version 12 edits and there is not a direct route back to capture following work in Affinity. If Pick an Application is chosen from the Edith With menu, then a drop down box of options for file type, size, colour space etc appears and when Open is hit, Capture shows variants being exported, a process which is taking around 20 seconds. When it has exported, a drop down box appears showing applications featured in Windows 10 with an option to choose Affinity Photo. The file will then appear in Affinity showing the capture edits and will return to capture showing Affinity edits. This workaround shouldn’t be necessary, it adds extra stages and extra time to the workflow and if the process of sending a file to Affinity Photo from Capture version 11 was straightforward and problem free then why shouldn’t it be so in the “upgraded” version 12 ?? In version 12s Edit > Preferences > Plug ins, there is no help to be found. There is a box which identifies Allowed Applications, including Windows paint, Word, Windows Viewer but no Affinity Photo. Nor is there an option to add to this list The Get More Plug Ins merely directs to Phase Ones website where a request can be made for Phase One to add plug ins. What a frustrating experience from an “upgrade”... features added and aspects taken away either by oversight or intention.
  12. When using Capture One version 11 I have been able to send files through to Photo with all the work in Capture showing. Since updating to version 12, when I send files to Photo they appear as unaltered raw files. Is this likely to be related to Capture or will Photo require an update before the two will work in harmony ??
  13. Hi Callum, since my last note I have downloaded Photo update and installed. Things are now back to normal and the roundabout link between Capture One and Photo is working. A bit of a mystery eh ! Thank you for the time taken to respond to my query, much appreciated.
  14. Thanks Callum, I am using Capture One Full Sony version 11.2.1 I was using version but following your response have updated to 11.2.1 The files from Capture still won't open in Photo and sending the file from Capture still won't launch Photo, as it has always done so. The "relationship" between Capture and Photo seems to have broken down.
  15. I am looking for tips, ideas, clues, solutions. For months I have been using Affinity Photo seamlessly with Capture One Pro for Sony, no problems at all. Capture has transferred a file to Photo via Edit With > Photo and then the file has returned to Capture as a tiff following work in Photo. It is not now possible to do this ie when a file is chosen for edit in Photo, a tiff is created in Capture but does not find its way to Photo..... Photo neither opens up, as it previously would, or does not import the file if it is already open. There haven’t been any updates or changes to Capture but recently I updated Photo to the most recent update... I have also recently downloaded and installed the beta version of Publisher, along with the most recent update. I have uninstalled Photo and reinstalled the previous version, but the same problem persists. Similarly so since I have again updated to the most recent update. I have uninstalled the beta Publisher, still no luck. Capture continues to send files to Ps, and the various Google Nik plug ins without any problems. Anybody any ideas ??
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