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  1. Is there an option to align images/layers other than stack or hdr merge import? I want to work on an image, later add same as the layer and align them later rather than at the very beginning.
  2. Perhaps I was not specific enough. I can manage to take standard photos. I don't know how to proceed with multiple exposure photos to achieve best possible quality. If I go with raw, do I need to develop each exposure photo and then merge them in photo persona? Is there some way to marge raw?
  3. Hello, i want to help my wife with a realtor job. I have no experience in Ph nor Affinity, trying to watch all tutorial, still, i have a few questions. - does it make sense to take raw for that purpose, mainly indoors photos? - if so, how exactly should i work? First develop every raw, then merge them as jpeg - exposure merge? - can anyone recommend video on the subject? Any tips or suggestions are more than welcome. Thank you in advance