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  1. Hi, as I shoot more I realized the need for a way to organize images in a better way than windows folders and standard image viewer. It just doesn't work. I use the Sony Image viewer, but it's very basic. Long story short, are there plans to add organize functionality to Photo or Publisher?
  2. Hi, two questions. Could someone provide macro used in this video? I can get/buy sky images myself as i understand that was limited offer, all iam asking is for. a macro file. Second question - i got Photo with Free Macro pack 1.0.0. Is there a tutorial how to use those luminosity blend options macros etc?
  3. Ok, fair enough. Thank you for quick replay. Is it worth to get in general? As far as i could see it's basically fast masking and adjusting. Faster? Better?
  4. Hello. Is there a way to use Nik sharper for raw files within Affinity Photo? Is yes, does it work better than original photo effect? How to use HDR plugin with more than one image?
  5. Hi, I've managed to batch process RAW files, rest is easy in Vegas. Thanks
  6. Can anyone recommend workflow, yt tutorial on time-lapse / image sequence?
  7. Is there an option to align images/layers other than stack or hdr merge import? I want to work on an image, later add same as the layer and align them later rather than at the very beginning.
  8. Perhaps I was not specific enough. I can manage to take standard photos. I don't know how to proceed with multiple exposure photos to achieve best possible quality. If I go with raw, do I need to develop each exposure photo and then merge them in photo persona? Is there some way to marge raw?
  9. Hello, i want to help my wife with a realtor job. I have no experience in Ph nor Affinity, trying to watch all tutorial, still, i have a few questions. - does it make sense to take raw for that purpose, mainly indoors photos? - if so, how exactly should i work? First develop every raw, then merge them as jpeg - exposure merge? - can anyone recommend video on the subject? Any tips or suggestions are more than welcome. Thank you in advance