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    Desmild got a reaction from klm.ny in Right to Left Support for Hebrew and Arabic   
    Ops I did not mean "left to right direction" but rather right to left. 
    Anyway I think its worth getting since you can expect at least 200 000 sales when the marked is open for those languages.
    Hire a guy to do it or something. His salary will be paid by the extra sales it will generate. 
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    Desmild got a reaction from PaoloT in Right to Left Support for Hebrew and Arabic   
    Any plans for when this is to be released yet? 
    I can understand that it might seem like a small thing since only 12 languages use the left to right direction.
    But one of those languages is Arabic with around 422 million users of that language.
    The other is Hebrew and it has around 14 million potential users if you count the Jews in America & Israel.

    So I mean getting this feature might give 500 000 affinity sales here for all I know. Seems really worth getting that feature if you ask me
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    Desmild reacted to carl123 in Auto-Correct problem   
    Works fine here in Windows after deleting the appropriate auto-correct setting
    Are you sure you deleted the right one, there are a couple of very similar ones?
    Or did you just untick the "Replace text while typing" checkbox? (which also works for me) 
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    Desmild got a reaction from Gabe in [Fixed] Export problem & "text body" styles popping up   
    I can also add that I tested your beta
    And the export works perfectly there. So it seems you have fixed the problem. 
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    Desmild got a reaction from Patrick Connor in Affinity Publisher Customer Beta - (RC3)   
    Will do
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    Desmild got a reaction from Burny in Affinity Publisher Customer Beta - (RC3)   
    My last version i used was the

    And this one is faster for sure. Like this program was not fast enough already. 
    it's crazy fast now. I have a document on 155 A4 pages and it opened in 2-3 seconds.
    Anyway i tried out some general things like effects, Table, placement of images and export. 
    Everything of that worked as it should. I had problems with export in the version with large documents but that is fixed here.
    And even the export speed is greatly increased here.

    One strange thing though is that there came 12 new text styles called "Text body" (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12) when i opened the document.
    I deleted those to see if it affected any text in my document but it did not. 

    And i could not get "outer shadow" to work but i have never used it before so i'm not sure if that is supposed to work on text.

    I would say great job guys and this is worth releasing only because of the export fix.
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    Desmild got a reaction from Fixx in Best PC for Affinity?   
    You can get pretty good laptops used to work with affinity. As long as it has a minimal video card & a good CPU then you are good to go. 
    I bought the minimum gaming laptop version from Lenovo cheap since it was used for a model. 
    I think you could find a good laptop for around 600 euro with a i5 processor found one for 600 euro here I would do some research. 
    And Macbooks are expensive, want to pay more than necessary for a laptop ? Buy a Macbook.

    Affinity utilizes the power of your machine so much that everything else works more or less like a joke. Even Microsoft office is no match in responsiveness. 
    If you search for a word in a MS Word document it will take some seconds before it finds it if the document is 300 pages. There is even a small delay with 50 pages gives enough info.
    But in Affinity when i tested with 50 pages it was lightning speed & nothing indicates that there will be a delay with 300 pages or 400, not when it is that fast.

    It is very fascinating how they pull this off almost like magic. They seem to utilize everything better than the rest. 
    There is one exception i can think of and that is giant tables that stretch for 20+ A4 pages but they will fix that, i reported it. 
    I came from the Adobe side and i have dropped them completely  now even though i own illustrator. Never again will i make work on that classical time consuming software.
    How they managed to make Bill Gates look stupid with their "office" software is beyond me but awesome it is. 

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    Desmild got a reaction from Mastrone in Style Affinity photo   
    Thank you very much. Went through them and i saw several i liked
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    Desmild reacted to Mastrone in Style Affinity photo   
    I played with affinity photo and created styles, I wanted to make them available for those who want to use them. I apologize for my english, I am using a translator.
    I tried to post the files on Affinity.Graphics Resources but from server error 500.

    L.Style_01.zip L.Style_02.zip L.Style_03.zip

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    Desmild reacted to Wosven in Publisher's difficult way of handling the text copied into website 1.8.3   
    If you're on Windows, you can use the glyphes panel to enter those characters, or holding the "Alt" key while typing on the numeric pad 0150 (for en-dash, half-cadratin –) or 0151 (em-dash, cadratin —). On OS X: Opt+Shift+- or Opt+-.
    For using  regular expressions in the Search and Replace panel, you need to set it to regular expressions

    This means than using some characters while searching will search specific patterns. For example:
    using a ^ (circumflex) at the begining of the expression* you are searching, means "beginning of a sentence". using a $ (dollar) at the end of the expression* you are searching, means "end of a sentence". A sentence is a paragraph, or all the text to a line break.
    Since we want hyphen at the beginning of sentences, we'll search :
    And we'll replace with:

    No specific character needed in the replace field, but the ones you want to replace with.
    You can also replace with " -" (for adding a space before the hyphen), "–" or "—" or "•" (a bullet, Alt+0149). You can copy the characters from the forum.
    * expression is a term to encompass everything in the find or replace field.
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    Desmild reacted to walt.farrell in Publisher's difficult way of handling the text copied into website 1.8.3   
    You might try LibreOffice.
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    Desmild got a reaction from garrettm30 in Search Result Count   
    When you search for how many times a word is found it does not give you the number of times it is found. You just see a list of referances. 
    So if you guys could display a number of how many hits you find, then it would be a minor improvement.
    This can have uses for people who deals with in-dept bible study and other kind's of textual critisism.
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    Desmild reacted to AsFrog in Your Affinity 2020 wishlist   
    Hello affinity team! I have one suggestion. When I draw a straight line with a brush while holding down the shift key, I don’t understand how the line will be drawn. I often have to redraw the line. Why, while holding down the shift key, do not show the path of the new stroke. This will greatly simplify the work with straight lines with a brush.
    Perhaps it is not entirely clear described. I used a translator. A similar function is in gimp or paintstorm.
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    Desmild got a reaction from big smile in Feature Request: Keyboard shortcuts for transform options   
    Yes a transform shortcut would be very nice. I really miss the oppertunity to hit F6 to increase size of a object by 1% or 5%.
    It would be wonderful to increase length and width also with a shortcut.  
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    Desmild got a reaction from StuartRc in Vector Assets: Flakes   
    Now those were som really cool assets. Thank you very much !
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    Desmild reacted to Joachim_L in Minor issue with automatic font change in changing character style   
    Assign your Paragraph style Ignorer to all the text, then the font won't change.
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    Desmild reacted to walt.farrell in Bugged text edit   
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    Desmild got a reaction from walt.farrell in Bugged text edit   
    Hmmm that was strange. I posted this thread the same day those issues occured but i cannot reproduce the bugs now. None of them.
    And that is actally good and not unfortunate but i will come with video evidence on the next bug. 

    I do have a little theory why it occured and that might be since i use a laptop so i think it may be either because:
    - I did not turn my laptop off the night before so it tends to get slower because of that. 
    - Or it had something to to With the laptop going into sleep the night before. 

    But the fact is that i have only used laptop for around a month so i really don't have a clue. It's a New model: Lenovo Y540

    Thank you very much Walt.farell, i did not spot that option but it is great that it is there. It takes a little time to get used to the Interface of Affinity and i have not had a lot of time in there yet. I have only made things ready in there; but i am done now so i will start using it in full production today. 

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