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Feature Request: Keyboard shortcuts for transform options

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Affinity has a real good Keyboard Shortcut option in Preferences.

Please consider adding keyboard shortcuts for the transform options so users can set their own shortcuts for these options.


I can set CTRL+Alt+CMD+X for Transform X. Then in future, when I press CTRL+Alt+CMD+X, the X field in the Transform panel will become highlight and I can type in the value, without needing to use the mouse to select the field. 

Or I could set  CTRL+Alt+CMD+9 to the top right anchor point. Then when I want to change the anchor point of an object, I can just type  CTRL+Alt+CMD+9 without having to use the mouse.

Mock ups:



^ A mock up of how it would look. Note that there is a new "All Affinity" option so you can use the same shortcuts across all the affinity apps (Photo, Designer and Publisher).


^ Once you've set a shortcut, you can type it and the relevant field will automatically become selected. 


1. Automation
Affinity doesn’t have scripting support, but it does work very well with automation packages such as Keyboard Maestro. 

Being able to transform objects on the page is a key automation task. At the moment, this can be achieved by using a tool such as Keyboard Maestro to access the transform panel by emulating mouse movements. However, this is very prone to failure. Being able to enter keyboard shortcuts would ensure Macros are less prone to failing.

2. Reduce repetition
If you have a lot of objects to transform, using the mouse gets tedious. Being able to type keyboard shortcuts is more efficient. 

Coming up with separate keyboard shortcuts for the transform panel options may be cumbersome (e.g. CTRL+Alt+CMD+X is quite the command to remember). However, because this feature would be made available via the Keyboard Shortcuts option of Preferences, the user is free to set shortcuts that work for him/her).

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Yes a transform shortcut would be very nice. I really miss the oppertunity to hit F6 to increase size of a object by 1% or 5%.

It would be wonderful to increase length and width also with a shortcut.  


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+1 for this request!

I was looking for a keyboard shortcut for "Transform each items separately" and I didn't find one.

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