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  1. Most of us have overpowered computers for Affinity usage. I thought you needed a strong computer but boy was I wrong, Bought a laptop for 200$ used that has a Ryzen 5 2400 processor with a minimal graphics card (not even Geforce). and did not expect much of it. Booted up affinity Publisher and boom everything went smooth. Wow wonder if it can handle Designer I thought and proceeded to open a document with around 8000 objects. Then I tried to move 6328 objects at once and It could be done but lagged quite much compared to my desktop that went smoother. But it could be done! So I
  2. Ops I did not mean "left to right direction" but rather right to left. Anyway I think its worth getting since you can expect at least 200 000 sales when the marked is open for those languages. Hire a guy to do it or something. His salary will be paid by the extra sales it will generate.
  3. Any plans for when this is to be released yet? I can understand that it might seem like a small thing since only 12 languages use the left to right direction. But one of those languages is Arabic with around 422 million users of that language. The other is Hebrew and it has around 14 million potential users if you count the Jews in America & Israel. So I mean getting this feature might give 500 000 affinity sales here for all I know. Seems really worth getting that feature if you ask me
  4. Yes I deleted both auto-correct setting so it should not happen. These were the auto-corrections of -- & ---. What I did not try was to untick the "Replace text while typing" checkbox. That fixed the issue. Going to miss that auto-correct function though. But anyway thank you very much for coming with a alternative solution!
  5. So when i had the 1.85703 version of Affinity Publisher i could enter the hyphen key three times in a row and it would give me three different lines with spaces like this: - - - Now in your version when I try to enter them it just becomes one long line. I have turned off the function in Auto-Correct settings but it still persists.
  6. I can also add that I tested your beta And the export works perfectly there. So it seems you have fixed the problem.
  7. Alright, so the e-mail did not work as the file was to big (184 MB). I did not expect that so maybe it will work when i get fiber internet. (Which is ordered)
  8. So i have a document on 157 A4 pages that I am trying to Export but it will not work. I have tried low quality (72 dpi) & High quality (300 dpi). Another minor bug i can't reproduce is the fact that i copied around 30 Designer projects into the APublisher document which spawned 12 new text styles called "text body" (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12). I deleted those to see if it affected any text in my document but it did not. Maybe those "text body" spawned sometime after i had saved and opened my work sometimes. But the "text body" styles where not found in any of the Design
  9. That was wrong. Those Text body styles crept into my document when I copied work from Affinity Designer straight into the Affinity Publisher document. So the beta had nothing to do with it.
  10. My last version i used was the And this one is faster for sure. Like this program was not fast enough already. it's crazy fast now. I have a document on 155 A4 pages and it opened in 2-3 seconds. Anyway i tried out some general things like effects, Table, placement of images and export. Everything of that worked as it should. I had problems with export in the version with large documents but that is fixed here. And even the export speed is greatly increased here. One strange thing though is that there came 12 new text styles called "Text body" (1,2,3,4,5,6,7
  11. It was not the zooming that triggered the bug, but when i use the find function. When i then click on a result the table rows can get desynced. Sorry about the back and forth here but i am just trying to help.
  12. I think i know what it is now. I just noticed that the table row orders can get desynced and that is what causes the bug. I would guess it has something to do with the loading of the screen everytime you zoom in and out. I don't think this is a problem in other tables as mine is 50 A4 pages big which is far from normal.
  13. That bug happened several times 3 days ago. I recorded for almost 10 min and i got the bug to happen twice in this video. It happends towards the end and i write "Correct" and "Not Correct!" so you can fast forward to it. This bug can come out of nowhere even if i have had the document open for a long time. But i noticed it corrected itself this time, something i have not noticed before. I do think it may have something with my fast actions in the document because i can go fast between the projects and do stuff but I have no clue. ice_video_20200910-223340.zip
  14. When i try to copy and paste a Hebrew, Greek or English word from one project to another in Affinity Publisher it pastes another word. This does not happen 100% of time when i enter the document but pretty often now like 80% of the time. And if the bug is active then it stays active until i close the program. This document is around 50 A4 pages long and it was created in the 1.7.3 version. it was not like this until i updated to the current newest version I think you guys should check it out. Just download the attachment. Hebrew & Greek Index (1 Table).afpu
  15. You can get pretty good laptops used to work with affinity. As long as it has a minimal video card & a good CPU then you are good to go. I bought the minimum gaming laptop version from Lenovo cheap since it was used for a model. I think you could find a good laptop for around 600 euro with a i5 processor found one for 600 euro here I would do some research. And Macbooks are expensive, want to pay more than necessary for a laptop ? Buy a Macbook. Affinity utilizes the power of your machine so much that everything else works more or less like a joke. Even Microsoft office is no m
  16. Thank you very much. Went through them and i saw several i liked
  17. Thank you once again for clearing that one out Walt.farell. It's really good that Affinity has the option to make a shortcut for it. Pressing enter was the standard in Word so i jumped to the conclution that Affinity had left it it out. I was wrong there
  18. There are 2 features that i request making the feature better. 1. When i search for a word it gives me the list results but not the number of how many results. This can be of use when people do textual critisism. 2. When i search for a word i have to click on the result. Please make it easier by just pushing Enter to get to next result. This is very important for people who uses a document for a database like me. These are quite small features but quite important i would say; and nr 2 help you build upon the edge of performance you got over Adobe and Microsoft Office. Like for exa
  19. Thank you very much Wosven. It fixed the issue. It pastes as this in both Word & LibeOffice now: In Gen 12:10 ץראב בערה דבכ יכ םש רוגל המירצמ םרבא דריו ץראב בער יהיו we see: – verse order = 309 “three hundred and sixty degrees” (Eng ord) = “Codes of God” (Eng sta) – Nr.W = 12 “and” ו (Fs) --- Nr.L = 44 “God” לא (o+s) --- Nr.W + Nr.L = 56 “created” (E o) – TV = 2649 “three hundred and sixty degrees” (Eng sta) = 3X 883 (83 “wisdom” (E o)) = (459 = Tri(17 “Seven”) + Tri(17 “Seven” επτα (r)) + Tri(17 “Seven”) = 400 + Pri(18 “riddle” (H r))) + TV of Vs(31415 (π) by rot.) = 1872 “The Gold
  20. Tried LibeOffice now. And pasted as Rich Text and it fails do a degree. I upladed a picture of a example of decoding a verse from my APub file. It comes out as this in LibeOffice: In Gen 12:10 ץראב בערה דבכ יכ םש רוגל המירצמ םרבא דריו ץראב בער יהיו we see: verse order = 309 “three hundred and sixty degrees” (Eng ord) = “Codes of God” (Eng sta) - Nr.W = 12 “and” ו (Fs) --- Nr.L = 44 “God” לא (o+s) --- Nr.W + Nr.L = 56 “created” (E o) TV = 2649 “three hundred and sixty degrees” (Eng sta) = 3X 883 (83 “wisdom” (E o)) = (459 = Tri(17 “Seven”) + Tri(17 “Seven” επτα (r)) + Tri(17 “Seven”)
  21. I mean i have seen that line get longer at times in Word (not affinity as i recall) so i have no clue of how it works.
  22. It's interesting on what you say there Wosven. Can you give me a short example ? - Like a line as this one using what you prefer. (Not 100% sure what you mean with "longer one, using regular expressions" don't know how to get a longer one.)
  23. My book is very unique since it deals With Numerical Bible codes. There are very very few books that has info like that. So i kind of have to break the rules many times in my book. I Explore New Territory you might say. It requires unique ways.
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