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  1. I am doing a very important book that i am quite passionate about. And it involves alot of text colouring, images, mathematics, Hebrew & Greek words. So it is a lot of work. Now since Publisher is so fresh and only been out since summer, i want to know if i should do the book in 1 file or seperate them into Chapters? I really want it in 1 file for different reasons but i don't know if i should wait for 1.8 before doing that. If anyone has some wisdom here then let me know.
  2. This is not a bug but rather a error in the design or a missing feature. Not sure but i will share this as it will save people alot of time if it's implemented. And there are actually two bugs here: 1. That the information when copied to the website will not have line breaks or paragraph breaks making the text go into one continiues flow. 2. That all information did not get copied from Publisher to Word. It is perfectly explained in this video that is uploaded as a file here. Very simple stuff that does not require any additional files. A temporary soultion to problem nr 1 was found by copying the text into Word & from Word to the website. I used Word 2016 here btw. ice_video_20200204-163525.mkv
  3. I will also vote for it but i think it's a feature that takes long to implement so i am not expecting it anytime soon.
  4. Yes a transform shortcut would be very nice. I really miss the oppertunity to hit F6 to increase size of a object by 1% or 5%. It would be wonderful to increase length and width also with a shortcut.
  5. Great, i need this. Thank you for sharing
  6. But yes setting a paragraph style like you stated fixes the problem. I am definitly not used to that workflow but hey; you found the solution Thank you very much for your time and effort.
  7. Hmmm i can work around this though so i will just see if this goes away when the next patch comes. If not then i will reinstall Windows & if the problem persists then i will be back and write here.
  8. File with examples of the problem is shared. And you might want to stop the automatic color change to black if you change a character style to another character style which does not have a specified colour in it's settings. The colour should not be changed in this case.
  9. This is one of those cases where you are uncertain if there is a problem or if it's you who does not understand. But i have tried and i think it's a bug, or maybe a unwise decision from your side. So i have made several character styles that colours & changes font styles. My yellow character stye is configured to only change font to Minion Pro & yellow color. My gray character style is configured to only change to gray color & no font change. - The problem here is if i change the character style from yellow to gray the font becomes Arial. This occures no matter what color you pick in this regard; and this happends in Designer also. I could just pick Minion Pro on gray to solve this problem but let's say you are working with several character styles (which i do). Then this becomes unproductive. Instead of making it automatically go to Arial font; let it not change the font. i use the 17.3.481 version I Attached a video Clip & you can end it at 3.20, since i tried to do this in Photo also but i realized that there were no character styles there. Love your programs and keep the good work up. Video: ice_video_20191202-033901.mkv File: Character style font bug.afpub
  10. Now those were som really cool assets. Thank you very much !
  11. Hmmm that was strange. I posted this thread the same day those issues occured but i cannot reproduce the bugs now. None of them. And that is actally good and not unfortunate but i will come with video evidence on the next bug. I do have a little theory why it occured and that might be since i use a laptop so i think it may be either because: - I did not turn my laptop off the night before so it tends to get slower because of that. - Or it had something to to With the laptop going into sleep the night before. But the fact is that i have only used laptop for around a month so i really don't have a clue. It's a New model: Lenovo Y540 Thank you very much Walt.farell, i did not spot that option but it is great that it is there. It takes a little time to get used to the Interface of Affinity and i have not had a lot of time in there yet. I have only made things ready in there; but i am done now so i will start using it in full production today.
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