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Launch Date for Affinity Publisher?

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They said the beta would be released before the end of August, as I recall.

-- Walt
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Mac:  2023 M2 MacBook Air 15", 16GB memory, macOS Sonoma 14.1.1

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I think, we still needs to be patient.
It's still a few days until the end of August.


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I think eliminating as many bugs as possible is a priority. A too early release causing a deluge of bugs is worse than postponing the release date.


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Speaking about PagePlus, Bowen192, I've been wondering if Publisher will have all the PDF editing/creation features of PagePlus.

I still use PagePlus to create fillable PDF forms/files for clients, because so far it's still the best thing out there.  Text boxes, check boxes, everything else.  But some of the best features are the ability to create not just anchor links, but also website links, and especially email links.  I can't find any other editor out there that creates standard email links, and I've tried a lot.

All in all, if Publisher can do everything for PDF files that PagePlus can do, I'm in.  I already signed up for the beta, so we'll see.  And if any of the Serif/Affinity people are checking in here, all those PDF features are a must have...

A computer once beat me at chess.  Turns out, however, it was no match for me at kickboxing...

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