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Milos Micatek

Downloadable Affinity Designer Help 1.3.5 (iBooks)

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To be inspired by the downloadable Affinity Photo Help I've created ibook for Affinity Designer. Hopefully it is OK to share it within this community.


Download link: https://app.box.com/s/feur5p14invtuqz6c9rs6qm7wohsj3g5



  1. All credits belong to Affinity team :)
  2. It is not 100% copy of original Help in AD. The formatting is slightly different (page layout, bullets, colours, etc.) so don't be confused.
  3. The file format is .ibooks. Sorry, I didn't use EPUB or other but I guess every user has iBooks installed :)
  4. Sorry if some references / hyperlinks are missing. I use old-fashioned "copy&paste" method to create this file.
  5. I've exported this file from iBooks Author to PDF too, but for some reason the hyperlinks don't work. Anyway if you prefer PDF here is the download link.











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Thanks Milos

Was a long time cdr user (since ver 3), and have been going through withDRAWalls since moving to a mac 2 years ago. AD is not the same prog that I know inside out but it's likely better in a number of areas. Now that I have the cheat sheet - less time wandering - more time producing. Cheers!

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"I guess every user has iBooks installed :)"



Actually, no they don't :(  - But I'm sure this is very handy for the majority!

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3 hours ago, Patrick Connor said:

You may prefer to read the latest version of the help in a browser


 (which is also available in all supported languages)

The current online Help, for both Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo, seems to be for version 1.6.0. Are there any plans to update it to the latest version 1.6.x, or will we have to wait until 1.7.0? It would also be nice to have a Windows version: the current one uses Mac shortcuts (and perhaps other Mac-specific UI references).

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Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums :) 

There isn't a PDF of the Affinity Designer help file as a PDF, sorry.  (There isn't really a current Affinity Designer Help in iBook either, as the one in this thread is very old I think. )

Serif own the copyright on their documentation and do not approve of the help file being converted to other formats.

The help file for the desktop version is online here http://affinity.help/designer and here http://affinity.help/photo 


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Thanks, Patrick.


Judging by all that I’ve read, eventually AD will be an app I’m very happy with. Eventually. Now however, I feel annoyed with the need to find documentation for every single action. (1987 was my Illustrator birth year.) I think that if they tackled this problem better, they could increase adoption more quickly. 

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