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  1. Hi, Alfred. I came across your comment above while searching for something else. I simply wanted to let you know that we in Uruguay do not speak Portuguese. We speak Spanish. It is true that we can understand Portuguese quite well, as it has many similarities with Spanish. In a conversation we can easily catch what they are talking about. Same is the case of Italian. But the official language of Uruguay is Spanish. Just that... Best regards from Montevideo!
  2. Hello, Flavio. I had the same problems you described. Just found this workaround in the forum. Click in the link below to see the image with is more eloquent. I hope this will solve your issue, as it helped many of us. Good luck!!!
  3. Thank you all for your patience, time and dedication to solving this issue!! All 3 applications are working perfectly! I have not found any issue by now. Best regards. Stay safe!
  4. It's OK for me, too. Both are up and running. Thanks.
  5. I've tried as suggested, but without any success. I too was thinking this could be related to the fonts, since the start up window says "loading fonts..." and immediately after that the black windows opens and closes all of a sudden. I too use a font manager, but I checked the Control Panel/Fonts and it says I have 396 items. LAST MINUTE COMMENT... I went back to the previous version of all 3 apps and they are running fine now. However, APublisher was showing the same behavior as the other 2 had in the last version. Only after running Troubleshoot Compatibility it stopp
  6. Same problem here. Both with AD and A Photo. APublisher is running fine. By the way, I´m in Windows 10. I had the same issue with the previous version, in both apps. But I was able to solve it by going to Troubleshoot Compatibility and trying Recommended Settings, test opening the app and saving those settings. This worked perfectly for both apps. However, this time -after updating to 1.8.0- this same workaround did not worked out. In the case of APublisher I had to go through the process described above, because at the beginning it did not start either. But it did in the end. I´ve
  7. I had the same issue a few days ago. Neither A. Design nor A. Photo could be opened. they both crashed right before opening. None of the suggestions I found here worked. Believe me! I tried them all! Finally, after reinstalling both and restarting my PC, I did the following and both worked! Go to the program file location (not the shortcut), right click on it and in the menu select "Troubleshoot compatibility". Let the process run until you see a new pop-up. Choose "Try recommended settings" and "Test the Program" (the program will open without any problem). Do not close the program a
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