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  1. Just updated and got the free content with no problems. I will happily throw myself in front of mutant zombie spiders for anyone in the magical 'Affinity Land' Thank you all PS I clicked on the welcome screen on AF and AD which took me straight to the download pages. I'm on a 2012 MacAir running the OS Sierra 10.12.4 My download came via zip file in my Firefox browser
  2. Thank you chaps. I got my book delivered today (smells gorgeous ) downloading all the resource files in preparation of becoming a level 1 AD master. The downloads are all there and look pretty straightforward and the book explains things so well (sure it emits a golden aura when opened). Did a snoop in the files and everything is pretty straight forward step by step guide for me. Thanks so much for a great book and all those people who went all out to create it. Free hugs for everyone Did i mention how amazingly awesome this book smells
  3. Thank you so much. If ever you need someplace to hide from spiders, just call me. You are brilliant :)
  4. Thank you very much . Sending a thousand hugs your way :)
  5. Is it possible to draw with out the blue vector tool being on. I am currently practicing sketching and was just wondering if it is possible. Or am i doing something wrong when i use the pencil (most likely) Please don't think i am being rude. (You know i love you more than cake) Thank you
  6. Love you more than cake. Thank you :)
  7. I love you so much. Thank you.