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Ability to export icon files (*.ico) in Designer

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Every time I need an icon for a windows application / installer I create it in designer then spend ages trying to remember how I made the icon for the last one (as I only need this every ~6 months). I'd be happy with a simple bitmap ico file export so I don't have to go looking for the dodgy online creators or gimp. Bonus points for adding scaled icons / supporting per-resolution tweaks and for supporting the mac icon bundle. If you consider this noise in the UI (i.e. not wanting to list all formats known to technology), perhaps it could be made configurable. Just please add it somewhere.

I've bought the suite twice, because I like the concept, but can't use it as much as I want due to little things like this... and the lack of a DAM requiring me to export / maintain a bunch of assets when using designer / photo bits in publisher.

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See this topic is still rather active, posted about the same thing myself.

Would definitely love to see an *.ico export feature integrated. Not sure why people assume that because the software is vector it can't be used for icons, nor why just because they are currently stored as a .dll file, doesn't mean people aren't making icons for their own use, or wanting to do things their own way.

Affinity isn't strictly commercial use only, so if there's still support for a feature despite the "industry standard" not using/requiring it, although later replies seem to suggest it may still be useful regardless, it doesn't make it not worth introducing, for end users who don't use *.ico files, it's neither here nor there, but for those who do want the feature it'd make a world of difference, especially when it comes to the previously mentioned TOS of online converters that may sneak in "reserve the right to use uploaded content for our own promotional use...etc etc etc"


Do hope that this is considered by the devs, unless plugins are ever introduced (only post I could find regarding plugins was from 2016 and said they didn't have plans at that stage to introduce plugin support) which would allow open source version of it.

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40 minutes ago, Sonica said:

Isn't there a workaround saving it as another format and renaming the extension to .ico?

I remember something like this from the last time I needed this ..

A true ICO file is usually a collection of versions of an icon at different sizes but some software that ‘requires’ *.ico files will happily accept renamed PNG files.

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