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  1. I am guessing Affinity would like to make it a non-destructive way, as most of what they are making. In that case it might be a "little bit" difficult and actually slow down or even hang application in some complex cases. I did not touch Illustrator in ages, but how it works now? Is it real-time, or is like in Inkscape?
  2. Radeon 6800XT looks like it finally have the score it should have.
  3. They have it "under investigation" since a very long time, I had some email exchange with them too about this, still nothing serious tho. They improved real-time runtime OpenCL compilation a bit (like 8x better times from ~1400 ms to ~150 ms), but it did not change the scores in benchmark as far as I tested it. So I do not know.
  4. Problem with CUDA is that is only an Nvidia thing, OpenCL and HIP are multiplatform and hardware-agnostic.
  5. Yea, but it is a very insignificant change on AMD. The problem in this topic is not about sandboxed and unsandboxed (it is some type of issue I agree) but here is a bigger problem. I believe the problem is caused by AMD - Radeons have only 5-15% of the performance they should have in this app, and because of that GPU acceleration is basically useless - more waiting for effects and results on heavier files.
  6. Because it confuses people, what is for example visible one post above this. But honestly I really don't care, it is just automatically what I would expect because it's called "benchmark" 😀 It is just semantics.
  7. Well I understand that 1.9.10 and 2.0.0 are not compatible, but 2.0.0 and 2.0.3 should be...
  8. Wait a sec, 5600XT has a 4020 pts in 200 and 4700 pts in 203, it is an improvement. I am unable to test 203 beta, because I did not buy V2 yet because of this AMD GPU thing. I am just testing on a trial and trial is not eligible to test beta. Most funny thing is I have newer generation of GPU and 2 class higher and have 880 pts in 200. What is even going on here AMD 🤣
  9. I see GeForce 960M not Radeon Plus looks like benchmark uses Intel integrated. On top of that, old Radeons pre 5XXX (Vega, RX5XX and RX4XX)series works well. AMD has a problem with OpenCL since 5XXX series up (I have no idea about just released 7XXX, but I guess they have same problems like 5 & 6 series)
  10. On Radeon, sandboxed and unsandboxed thing is true too. And ofc low GPU performance over all 🤣 SANDBOXED UNSANDBOXED
  11. I know, only if Intel Arc would be a good product over all 🤣 but maybe in 2-3 generations if they not cancel it, it might be something to consider 😊 Yes, I think the same that something is not quite well in OpenCL implementation on AMD side, hopefully it is software thing not an architecture issue.
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