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  1. Nah, I do not understand them this way either, but on daily basics I'm working with games and textures and overall 3D, so there is sometimes a lot of trickery with RGBA channels.
  2. No problem, I understand the math and how it works I was just not aware that this kind of thing is in Affinity Photo. And yea I was thinking about making the duplicate of them, to have still the link active or something. After all it is a big step up in what I can do with it in AP.
  3. Whoa, this is what I was looking for, excellent news. But there is no way I would try to find something like that in Live Procedural Texture
  4. So with all that amazing nondestructive workflow, to actually use a linked resource as a pixel mask you have to rasterize to a mask, and you lose all linked benefits. Just why? Can we get something like use a linked resource as a mask?
  5. Hi, The linked resources are a great feature in Affinity, but there is any way how I can use that linked resource as a mask for another layer/group? Or link that B&W image in my file (somewhere), and then link(as layer linking) its luminosity to another layer - as a mask or something? I am just trying to move my render composition workflow to Affinity, and linked resources are great, but I have rendered alpha masks and z-depth channels. And would be nice to have them linked and working. Thanks in advance of any suggestion, cheers!
  6. I know this It bothered me of limited settings of how it is placed or scaled on the page, so no. After all Photoshop automate work fine, but it turned out I already have a better solution - small paid program - Light Image Resizer. Already using it to resize hundreds of textures for the project. It turned out it has PDF combine feature so, best and fastest solution after all of what I have, and is not Adobe.
  7. I just would like to use them as "easily openable single file gfx albums".
  8. Sure there would be a limit in RAM etc. I was asking only about the way and approach to the problem, because I didn't find anything like that in web. And I just suppose to drag the files
  9. PNG as a representation of single layer gfx file...:) Yea MacOS in that matter is way better NGL, all that things built in system around GFX stuff.
  10. Well fair enough, I was to try to use any Affinity App to do a quick and easy merge to pdf.
  11. I just have CS6 photoshop, on latest W10, and it works but... would love to say goodbye to A! I mean obvious, that I just expected importing multiple files as something trough menu option , you opened my eyes with this "drag and drop" what is way more commonly used in MacOS, it solved most of my issues. Furthermore, I have the same experience with MacOS, way more in the past with iOS back when they still have headphone jack RIP
  12. Great response, will check this out. But you will agree that is kind of a lot of steps and clicking. ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)
  13. Well this method kinda do that, so thanks. The thing is that I don't want to use Photoshop because I try to move away from Adobe. I like Affinity software a lot, but still time to time I am banging with the head on the wall, cause something kind of obvious to do not work. I can do that in PS and bridge in 5s - what I did. But this is not a solution. Your example with dragging from explorer/finder works - however this is a more obvious way to work from mac than win. Apple script - do not think so, because multiplatform.
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