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  1. Hey all, I've seen multiple videos on digital drawing, which for the most part I think use art tablets designed exactly for that or possibly Affinity Photo for iPad. Is there a way to be able to do this with Affinity Photo on desktop? Are there any drawing tablets that interact with Affinity, or suggestions on learning how to do it with a mouse? Cheers!
  2. Hi all, Not sure if it's already in the pipeworks, but with the introduction of signing into your account in the software linking licencing, it'd be great to see Studio Presets also link to accounts, so if you are installing the software on new devices, or have reinstalled OS on a device your layouts are automatically linked to your account and in the settings. Or easily exported and imported. Thanks, Aussie
  3. Made some impossible shapes/walkway things on stream. Pretty happy with how they turned out.
  4. Made this on stream tonight, between Designer (most of the work) and Photo, started off as just the cube, then found the greenery assets while trying to find how to create a sphere... Then added some of the assets and things from the Affinity store. It's nothing overly special, but probably one of the nicer things I've managed to put together. Probably a lot/too much going on, but was just playing around - rather happy with how it came out. Name of it came from a viewer which is why it went from more than just the cube to what it is.
  5. resetting pressure and making a new pen line fixed the issue
  6. It's a child object of a triangle, which is the underlying black shape. But the white line should be a pen made curve. The only difference between the two images I posted above is one had the isometric grid set long before I put the white line down, the second one had the line put in altered then the isometric grid applied. Done Isometric Road Prac.afdesign
  7. I opened a new canvas, and it works fine, but hiding everything on my current one, I've created new lines and none of them work.
  8. The official help says Without also seeing your colour tab, I'm really unsure, you're stroke is all the same, but I can't see your colour tab, I do see in the top left the stroke shows 20, but it also doesn't show a line next to where it has 20pt.....
  9. Not sure if this is already a function (not sure what the buzz words are to look for them, or if there's already a suggestion for it) But I think it'd be handy if when you select something with the move tool and then zoom in to move it, if the middle 'move dot' isn't naturally in view, then one appears in view, so you can move the object out/in while in the zoomed state. This one shows all 8 dots available for use. But when zoomed into the corner, you only get the corner dot, not either of the vertical or horizontal plane dots, as shown here. Thanks,
  10. Hi all, I'm trying to understand why the white line running down the main road of this graphic isn't showing the dotted profile set under the 'stroke' > 'dash' > '0, 2, 0, 0', it's a straight line with white stroke and no fill done by the pen tool. From what I understand from the Affinity help here, it should show the dotted profile. It makes no difference playing with the dash profile, any help is appreciated. I'm sure it's something simple that I've overlooked. Thanks,
  11. Only recently found the Isometric grid, which is something I'm all for, I've always found Isometric easier to work in, even when I did wood work design work in high school. The multi-coloured buildings are in progress, just as base buildings to work from, so I can see where things lay as I move and change things. The buildings are the easy part, doing the light poles and its lighting effects and building lighting effects similar to the ground level outward effects in the screenshot is where I'm gonna be doing a fair bit of research, along with filler for the currently blank white spaces in opposite corners.
  12. I've seen moderators say this forum isn't a bespoke forum and is for the most part 'off the shelf'. Is there an app by the provider or 3rd party that can access the forums at all? Also, how do the titles change under users? Advanced member/newbie, ex user etc
  13. I've only just found the isometric grid, which I want to explore more, but it brings back a question I've thought of before but never really needed an answer to, but playing around with isometric, I'll actually be able to put it to use, and found an example of what I'm referring to. What are the terms necessary to search to find guides on doing lighting like the screenshot of a video that explains how to configure isometric grids in Designer? I am referring to the 'ground level' lighting effects that are outwardly emitting from the windows/doors, more than the windows on the 'second floor' which are just colours within colours. Is it just a trapezoid with a transparency affect, ot is there something more to it? Thanks,
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