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  1. Thank you for your kind words, but I know what I paid. It was, as I stated in my post, a 50% discount. Actually, it was 26,99 EUR with a total of 81 EUR. And again: It's not about the price per se.
  2. Good for you. But how about users who bought V1 6 weeks ago? I bought V1 several month ago and paid around 75 EUR using a 50% discount that was available at this time. Now, after less than a year I would have to pay more for the upgrade. Don't get me wrong. It's still a bargain. That's not my point. But it's not the same story, is it? I haven't even known that V1 has been on the market for so long. As I said before, it's more about communication than about the actual price. C'mon, what is so hard about a nice email to all existing customers before announcing: "V2 is out. Purchase it with a 40% discount. But do it FAST! We don't know how long this offer will be available." That is communication hell, isn't it? Besides, I am not a Pro. I don't use Affinity to make a living. I was still on CS5, but found Affinity an attractive alternative. The main reason was not that CS5 wouldn't do the job for me. But it simply didn't work well anymore with my 4K display. The migration to Affinity has not been easy, to say the least. To make a long story short: While the offer is a great bargain, it is still some money for an amateur like me.
  3. I don't think that many "complainers" have said this. You might disaggree with their arguments. But please, don't put words in their mouth. Thank you!
  4. The discussion is missing more and more the point, isn't it? It is very clear now, that Affinity chose this upgrade policy for mere technical reasons. Obviously, it was technically not managable to offer discounts for existing users. Let alone more sophisticated discounts. It is very common, for example, that buyers who purchased a product recently, get much more discount or even a free upgrade. All this was technically impossible, so it seems. This is not great, but acceptable. But why didn't they communicate this properly to existing users? It's not about the quality of the software. It's not even about the amount of discount. It's simply a very unfortunate communication by Serif that upsets some existing users. It took them several weeks to even say when the offer would end. Really? After I downloaded V2 I didn't even know how much time I would have for testing (AND using the dicsount). That might be ok for new users, but it is absolutely inacceptable for existing users in my humble opinion.
  5. I don't think anyone actually said that. I am one of the not so happy V1 customers. Even at 40% off, I would pay more for the upgrade than for the V1 license. But that is absolutely not my point. I just don't want to be pushed. Limited discount offers like this are usually aimed at new users. It's a whole different story if someone has never used Affinity before. The discount could be a good opportunity. As an existing user, I would prefer to have more time to decide if the upgrade is right for me. No matter how affordable it is. I am not a professional and need to make this decision carefully.
  6. I couldn't agree more. It's not just about buying the product. For new users, the 40% discount is a great opportunity. And it's just fine to create a little bit pressure. As a V1 user I don't like the "buy now before it's too late" policy.
  7. This was a false alarm. While I don't like that I can't choose the installation path, the setup was really not a problem at all. Icons were there, and links to the desktop and task bar could be created easily. Some posts here told a different story, but for me it worked just fine. So, no complains here.
  8. Not quite sure whether you are serious or sarcastic, but I agree anyway. 😉 Good point! In addition to that, it creates pressure. I would prefer to have time for testing before upgrading to V2. Or maybe I just would like to wait a little bit. That's not an option and far from good customer service.
  9. No, it is not. I am VAT-registered and would get the tax back anyway.
  10. Oh boy, I'm getting old. Worked perfectly. Thanks, man!
  11. Actually, you are right! That's a great idea, since I can't enter my VAT ID. Unfortunately, I don't know how to order in USD. The system switches to EUR automatically.
  12. Exactly. Since I am VAT registered, I could save 19%. However, no field to put in my VAT ID.
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