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Found 88 results

  1. Is there a way to keep a swatch name when creating a palette from a document, All colours that are created have the document file name followed by a number, Not easy to identify when colours are similar to each other.
  2. Hey there, what I'm missing so far regarding the swatches panel: - Easy renaming workflow of swatches with F2 and Tab, and to go further: something like Renamy would be even more awesome - Select and delete/copy multiple swatches. At least it should be possible to click/select and delete via DEL-key to easliy clear up the swatches - "remove unused colors"-option to quickly clean up a palette - usecase would be mostly the the document-related palettes - Convert already added swatches to Global/Spot-Colors - Ability to easily set spot-color-name the same as swatch-name and vice versa (without copy-paste, perhaps with a checkbox in the settings of each swatch) - Missing a direct "Add current color to palette as Spot Color" very much! - The to "Add current color to palette [...]"-Icons are not very distinctive. I would've added at least a big triangle in the left bottom corner of the button regarding the "add as global color" option to suit the appearance of those color in the swatch-list/grid below - Setting/checkbox/action to add swatches via "create Palette from document/image" directly as Global/Spot-colors. - Indicator to see in which Colormode the color originally was created and then have the ability to quickly switch color from RGB to CMYK-Mode and vice versa (perhaps even be able to determine the rendering/conversion while doing so) Greetings, Johannes.
  3. Q. Is there a way to increase the Icon Preview Thumbnail for each individual brush in the Brushes Palette? Reason: I have many brushes with subtle differences. I am a visual person and would like the ability to quickly pick the correct brush. Having the option to have a LARGE thumbnail vs. a tiny thumbnail and the 'stroke' preview. For example, many of my light flare brushes look exactly the same in the palette tiny thumbs and the 'stroke' preview is unnecessary for their application. thanks, Mars
  4. Is it possible to use one of my pre-made gradients from the colour palette as a gradient map? I've tried clicking, dragging, everything I can think of; but I'm stuck with the three built in gradient maps or the option to make mine again from scratch. Any ideas?
  5. I don't know if this is a bug or a feature. Colour palette needs to automatically change to black & white when editing masks - and change back to your previous colour palette when working on the pixel layer. This feature is very important when you are alternating between masks and pixel layers. Having to alter the palette every time you change from a pixel layer to a mask layer and back again can become very time consuming.
  6. As the title says, in the Windows version of Designer, there is no "Create Palette from Image" setting.
  7. Hello everyone :) Since I just really love these colours, I made this palette and I'd like to share it with you. These are the colours of the Touch Twin Markers, from ShinHan Art. I numbered and named the 204 swatches, to keep them sorted as they appear in their Colour Chart, but of course you can sort them as you want. Hope you like them. :) Touch Twin Markers.zip
  8. I would like to request the ability to import/export palettes in .ACO file format, as this format appears to be the most universally accepted file format for colour palettes. At the moment I'm able to freely share colour palettes such as skin tone palettes, etc. between Photoshop and Clip Studio Paint in .ACO file format. Affinity Photo however, will only deal with .ASE or .AFPALETTE formats and even then, can only export to .AFPALETTE. This means that if I replace Photoshop with Affinity Photo, there will be no way for me to share colour palettes between Affinity Photo and Clip Studio Paint. If Affinity Photo were to support import/export of .ACO files then this issue would obviously be mitigated.
  9. In v 1.5.3 (german) on a macbook with two monitors (one for palettes only) I experience in the palettes (panels) a couple of issues which look like missing screen-redraw or un-complete text by missing space. – Font face selection pulldown menu: hovering over the opened font-face-pulldown menu confuses the menu list items view: text lines get partially cropped, doubled text entries appear. – Color swatches palette: the text line for recently used swatches gets cropped at the end and covered by the horizontally following color swatch icons. – Color swatches palette: The first color swatch (Black 100%) appears to share its position with the pulldown-menu above. It results in both unreadable text and un-selectable menu. – Additionally opened palettes appear as empty, grey rectangles only. ( –> posted already here:) https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/29476-gui-palettes-appear-as-empty-grey-rectangles-two-monitors/?p=143023 – Palette width: The palettes may get manually adjusted in their width. That would be fine if panel list items would switch to two-column-layout then (f.i. color swatches, brush strokes). For now there seems to be no advantage in this ability and, also, it appears to be buggy: Horizontally enlarged panels appear partially in front of and partially behind other panels. They create a weird mixture of for- and background. Unless the last mentioned (width of panels) these issues occurred only 1 at a time and they (unless the last) got solved by Quit & Restart the app. – But, unfortunately, this solution also seemed to cause the next issue to appear. thomas Affinity Designer trial v. 1.5.3 (german) OS X 10.9.5, MacBookPro 15" + 2nd monitor (22")
  10. When I open additional panels from the menu 'View' > 'Studio' (?) (german version: 'Ansicht' > 'Studio') they come up as grey, empty rectangles. No content, no text, no header/title. I can move them around by click-hold at their upper edge (the un-visible title-area) but they remain empty grey rectangles. When I release the mouse and grab+move them again, then the place underneath them appears only grey now, too. It covers the content of the panels which were underneath, just leaving their black header and title text. Also, on moving such additionally opened palettes around they change their size occasionally, for instance from a square to a long vertical stripe. See the two attached screenshots of both monitors: – screen of macbook (15") with app palettes only – 2nd screen (22") with app main window (document, tools, layer panel) Quit + restart the app resolved this issue, all recently opened palettes appear now with content. They are positioned somewhere on the screen above the already existing palettes. thomas
  11. I was following the design book instructions and playing around when I tried to export a palette to another document. Cue multiple crashes – no need to detail them as they are documented elsewhere. Problem is that I have lost the ability to view global colours in my document. I can still create them but they don't appear anywhere. Both the colours and the palette icon with a dot are nowhere to be seen. Resetting the studio view, restarting Affinity or creating a new document failed to fix the problem. Any other ideas?
  12. I personally find the previews in this palette very obtrusive. I for one never use them and I suspect that goes for many other users as well. This palette contains a lot of items and once a few of these previews are open it takes up a lot of space and starts to need a lot of scrolling to find what you want. Part of the problem is that when you close an adjustment using the buttons supplied in its dialogue the preview in the palette doesn’t close. To close this you must go back to the palette and close the dialogue from there. If you leave previews open then next time you want to create a similar layer you must click twice in the palette, once to close the previews and then again to re-open them along with the dialogue. Perhaps I am unduly fussy but I find all this a little clumsy and unneeded. Could we have an option to turn presets on and off in this palette? I really think a lot of users, particularly expert users who don’t need them, might welcome this.
  13. I work principally with swatches and find it very irritating have to to be constantly switching back and forth between cloud swatches and black and white swatches. In the end I have solved this for myself by building my own custom palette with colours and greyscale on the one palette. I can see no good reason to keep these two palettes segregated and think a combined swatch palette would be a sensible option to have available as an option on the standard pre-installed swatches.
  14. Would love a way to auto import or have an option for immediately bringing in global swatches into or from an embedded image for a current working open file without having to do the whole export/import/clipboard palette workaround. Thanks!
  15. These are all my bookmarks i've collected since i started to use AD. The most of them are free resources, and i'm amazed how good quality resources you can find for free. Free vectors, photos and PSD Downloads | Freepik [CG Textures] - Textures for 3D, graphic design and Photoshop! GraphicBurger | Tasty design resources made with care for each pixel. Have a bite! Free vector icons - SVG, PSD, PNG, EPS & Icon Font - Thousands of Free Icons IM Free - Free Design Resources | Free Images, Free Icons VectorStock | Vector Art, Images, Graphics & Clipart Subtle Patterns | Free textures for your next web project. Handpicked free fonts for graphic designers with commercial-use licenses. | Font Squirrel WhatTheFont! « MyFonts Free High Resolution Textures - gallery Palette / dreamscape :: COLOURlovers The Day's Color dafont.com Free Flyer Templates & PSD Party Flyer Design Blog http://freebiesbug.com
  16. Hey guys, congrats on all the amazing work on the next 1.5 Betas! A feature request for a decades-old sore point in design software: document palette and swatch creation and maintenance. Productivity wise, I hate having to work on the Swatches palette to maintain a doc's palette. It's a tedious but important task in design and production environments. This is an opportunity for Affinity to leapfrog Adoblow™ in terms of user experience and app intelligence. It would be VERY beneficial if AD automatically and actively maintained and updated the current document's palette and swatches, perhaps as a per document and/or app wide setting. Meaning whenever one creates an object with unique, unspecified colors or swatches in a document, AD would add them to the document's Swatches palette (as either Global or regular swatches) and if there are any changes, AD auto updates the swatches/palette and deletes that instance (unless it's used by another object in the document). Having to periodically clean out the palter is important but tedious. You get the general idea... Thanks for your consideration and amazing work. Thanks for all you do!
  17. I created System Palettes instead of application Palettes as I use the same colors across multiple Apps. The problem is, when I open them in Affinity Designer, they aren't sorted alphabetically (it might be an issue with Affinity not using the OSX Dialog Box, which I like...feels more integrated), But When you have color variations with similar names I would like them to be grouped together. I'm aware I can sort the colors within a palette, but not the palettes themselves. Is there anyway to fix this?
  18. I somehow managed to create a new color palette and rename it. Now I want to place my recent colors into it. IDEALLY I wanted to be able to select color swatches I was using and create a palette from those selections. There may be a way to do that. I don't know. However now I'm looking at a screen where my recent colors are there and I am going to assume there's a way to easily place those colors into my new, empty, palette. How is that done? Thank you in advance.
  19. Hello, It is very rare that I feel AD is missing a feature, it is already such a fleshed out and mature creation software. But, recently I've been desiring a way to merge palettes, or import a palette from a document into the current palette. Personally, I use Seiken Densetsu 3 palettes when I do pixel art (they are gorgeous, with beautiful deep purples as blacks etc). I am not colour-blind, but don't have the innate ability to find nice matching colours. Anyhow, when doing this type of work, you end up creating palettes from many images you can find on google. You are then stuck, as I haven't found any way to merge the palettes it creates :/ There are more likely other ways to fix this "issue", that is why I prefer explaining my situation rather than forcing a pre-set solution on you. Anything that would allow creation of 1 palette from many images works for me. Thank you for reading this, and being so active with your community, <3 P.S. Just downloaded beta, will get back to you guys about the crashes I mentioned last weekend :) [Edit] I guess importing all the images and merging them in a document works, [facepalm]. Ok going to sleep now...
  20. Hello! When I try to delete the fill from palette - nothing happens. So I can't delete colours that I added a moment ago. That's important. Please mark this problem in your backlog. I made a screen recording for better understanding - http://quick.as/kOBOFOoOy Hope you fix it in near future. Thanks in advance! Affinity rules! P.s. version 1.4, not beta
  21. Nested layers and artboards with layers cannot be opened and viewed in the Layers palette. There is the circle where the opening triangle should be, but clicking it only selects the layer/artboard. The triangle is apparently still there, hidden and unclickable under the "Enable/Disable Layer" check mark at the right edge of the palette. If there are two or more artboards, no layers are visible at all, only the artboards, again with the empty circle and the barely visible triangles under the check mark. The bug is present both in AD and AP 1.4 on OS X 10.8.5. (No newer OS X installed and no plans to upgrade anytime soon.)
  22. There doesn't seem to be a nice way to manage swatches after you created them in a custom Document Palette, e.g. select multiple swatches and then delete them. Any ideas?
  23. It would be great to have a gradient palette that exists on its own, not only one anchored from an item's Fill or Stroke on the Toolbar Options...
  24. Which Reset option in the Miscellaneous panel of Designer's preferences will do the least resetting of all my options and still return my color palette to its original layout? As you can see from the attached screenshot, several colors have been accidentally dragged out of position (imo, it's too easy to move them; I'd like to see a modifier key needed in addition to a drag in order to move the colors around), and I'd like to return the order to what it was originally:
  25. Hello, Seems that with both Designer and Photo on the current betas, when no document is open, when attempting to drag out the character palette to isolate it from the tabbed group, the entire program crashes. Thanks!
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