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  1. No, not too late, and thanks again for taking the time to write anything at all. I noticed the lack of storage too, but specs are such a big problem at this price point. If it were up to me, I'd buy her a refurb. I chose one for my father ealier this year, and they really are as good as new, and I own a second-hand T540p (alongside a more powerful desktop) which is much more than what I could have afforded new. But my sister wants to get her shiny new for her first laptop. Her second laptop will be much easier to buy! Apart from the problem of price, we don't know what she'll do with her laptop. She's enjoying CorelDRAW at school (which is why I want to get her Designer), and apprently she has fun (!) making Power Point slides on her mum's laptop --- no backgrounds or anything fancy, just bullet-points! She'll be able to use Google or Microsoft online office tools, and I can put a micro SD card in that laptop for her to store music or whatever else. She'll have to learn not to fill the space up with junk, and to look after said micro SD card and/or flash storage devices, which is maybe not a bad thing for her to learn early.
  2. Though we didn't realise it at the time, CPU names started becoming ridiculous when we went from 486 to Pentium. "We'll call them i3, i5, and i7. And that one we'll call N4000 ..." What?! Just stick an 'm' on the end, or do something which makes some kind of sense. And then there's the socket names ...
  3. Funnily enough, I was literally just this moment reading about that! I hadn't heard about 'S' Windows until yesterday, but if it can be turned off then that would solve that problem. It's daft, but I used to work writing and designing software (embedded systems, comms, and mid-tier bank websites), so computer technical specs should be a breeze to me (used to be). But it seems by not keeping on top of things, it's as confusing to me as most people over a certain age! And they don't make it easy with the CPU names. Thanks for the message. It was good of you to post the link.
  4. Thanks, Callum. We were hoping to find out before my niece's birthday, in case my sister needs to return the laptop and buy another. And as far as I understand, Windows S can only install software from the Microsoft App Store (so no chance to use a trial). I'll pass on your message though, and let my sister make the call!
  5. My niece has just started using CorelDRAW at school, and loves it. For her twelth birthday in a couple of weeks, her mum has bought her a new laptop, and I was going to buy her a copy of Affinity Designer (which I use) from the Windows App Store (apparently Windows 10 S will only allow software from the app store, and CorelDRAW is subscription only). I just found out which laptop she has though, and I'm a little worried it might not be fast enough. It's the Lenovo IdeaPad S130 (https://smile.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07MWDW8JJ/) with the following specs: Intel Celeron N4000 processor 4GB RAM 64GB eMMC Windows 10 S Will the specs be good enough? Please keep in mind that she's going to be twelve, and she wont (yet, at least) be doing hugely complex work.
  6. I have a basic print profile for a Brother label printer (I realise it's not what Publisher is for, but it's convenient while I'm sorting something else out more permanent!). Though I try to save the paper size as 62 x 100 mm, when I load the profile both values are set to zero. In addition, after loading the profile, those values cannot be edited until the paper size is changed to another option, then set back to custom. Print profile attached. address-label.profile
  7. I've had Nexus Font installed in the past, but I don't think it's been installed for the past year or so. I have a fresh download on my desktop, so I'm assuming I had uninstalled it before. The Wacom driver is uploading now. When I rebooted my PC yesterday, Wacom complained about mismatching hardware (even though the driver I'm using now was downloaded from their website for this particular tablet). So I may need to uninstall the new one and reinstall the one I'm uploading for you. Of course, if I do, I will do some testing before and after. In case you want to check for common shared libraries, these are the font managers I installed. The first two are still installed, the rest have been uninstalled again. I still have the downloads if they'd be useful. High-Logic MainType FontExpert 2019 NexusFont 2.6.2 Typograph FontBase 2.9.4 Font Runner 3 Font Manager Printers Apprentice Font Viewer I also have a zip of all the fonts that I removed from my system. But that's a 226 MB. If it's helpful though, I can try uploading it over night (I'll split it up with 7-zip if necessary). In addition, I have an image of my drive (a week or so old) in case there is anything you want me to check if it was removed/changed/whatever. I don't know how long I can keep this image though, as my backup drive is only a couple of TB.
  8. You'll maybe hate this, Sean, but I've been doing some things to my system, and out of curiosity checked to see if the bug was still there. And it isn't. In either Designer or Publisher. If it's any use to pinpoint the error (and of course, if it happens again I'll update you), the only things I can think are some way connected: messing about with gradients and the transparency tool in Designer (more likely) installing and uninstalling various font managers, uninstalling some previously installed fonts, doing some tempoary font installs (testing the font managers) (hmmm ... maybe ...) I uninstalled my Wacom tablet yesterday, and so went to the Wacom website to download the driver. It's a different driver to the one I had before. I still have the OLD driver, if you want me to uninstall the new one and install the old one again. Or send you the old driver. Or whatever.
  9. Both keyboard drivers are the generic Windows drivers (Microsoft 6.1.7601.17514, dated 21/06/2006), likewise for the mouse drivers (Microsoft 6.1.7600.16385 21/06/2006). Nonetheless I uninstalled what I could, and it made no difference. I removed the Kensington trackball and tried it woith a mouse, and still the same problem. I removed TrackWorks. Unfortunately I don't have a wired keyboard. I notice though that both Alain and myself have wireless keyboards, and we have the full Affinity suite (but ... I'm guessing you also have the full suite installed). Edit: I also renamed the full Affinity directory in AppData, and it made no difference.
  10. If I install Designer on a Windows 10 virtual machine, will that mess up my licence or anything for my normal AD installation? I'm pretty sure it doesn't, but it would be great if you could confirm that.
  11. It's a Wacom Bamboo tablet, not currently attached. I haven't used it for a long time (months, if not years --- except, coincidentally, I breiefly attached it yesterday as I was experimenting with something). The first crash I reported happened before yesterday, and I think they all happened without the tablet attached. Would you like me to uninstall the driver? It is version, date 29/06/2009 (!). The 1 and A icons are TrayStatus 4.0 --- on-screen indicators for caps lock and numlock. Other than the Wacom, I also have a cheap (£6) generic wireless mouse installed --- not switched on unless I accidentally knock a button. I have a Kensington wireless trackball --- my main pointing device. I also have a Logitech keyboard and mouse set (wireless, NON unified USB) --- Logitech MK270. The keyboard is the one I use all the time, the mouse is used when I'm sitting on the couch watching a film or whatever, so it's not used when running Designer. I also have a Logitech wireless K350 keyboard (unified USB) which is not switched on, and the dongle is not attached (they're waiting to be put on eBay), but I haven't yet uninstalled the driver. (Yes, four pointing devices and two keyboards!) Other software I use which might be considered not typical: Directory Opus BitDefender AV trial Macrium Reflect backup Vmware Virtualbox My career used to be software development (from C embedded systems through to Java mid-tier) so I'm quite happy to try different things and uninstall/reinstall stuff, if it's any help. But I'm trying not to change the envioronment too much in case the bug can't be replicated. Just let know if you want something uninstalled, updated, whatever.
  12. Ok, that should be it uploaded. If it still doesn't work, let me know and I'll work something else out.
  13. That's a partial upload too. It's only 20 MB, while the original is 38.9 MB. If you send me a dropbox request, I'll send whichever you prefer to there.
  14. I'll attach a 7z. If it doesn't work again, feel free to send me a dropbox request and I can upload the zip or 7z there. 1.0.7z
  15. Morning Sean, After posting the video, I wondered too if it was something to do with the custom palette. Though I made that only recently, since the last Designer update. Would you like me to try removing the palette? I didn't want to change anything -- I'd rather leave stuff as much as it is to help you replicate this, unless you want otherwise. I hadn't tried it in Publisher. I have now though, and it also crashes. So I'm not sure if that means the attachment is no use. I assume you dont want me to report the crash in the Publisher forum too? designer-1.0.zip
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