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  1. You’re right, Plastic! This seems to work. How in the world did you discover this? Anyway, Thanks! 😀
  2. Hi, Just trying out version 1.8. You seem to have increased the Vector Brush tool precision quite a lot. It follows my strokes very well now. Just wanted to point out how much this is appreciated. Thanks a lot!! Simon
  3. Hi, Here’s two small things that could improve Designer’s Brushes Palette. But first, thank you so much for your wonderful collection of paint brushes, they are great! I added the DAUB collection and I have so many now that I easily get lost. I want to try each brush individually to see how it paints. Then, when I find the right one, I don’t remember which one it was that I picked; so I need to try a few brushes again and when I find it back, to carefully take its name down. It would be great if the palette could highlight the selected brush somehow. Currently, when you select a brush, there’s nothing to remind you which one it is. The brush preview helps, but in the end they all kind of look the same. The next day, I start a new session and I want to use the same brush. I know its name now, but it’s like searching a needle in a haystack, going down the list and waiting for the tool tips to appear. It would definitely help if the user could choose to display the Brushes Palette list by name. If there’s a way, I didn’t see it. That’s it! Thanks again for this great software. Simon
  4. Hi Dan C, Your advice to brandonj33 sounds good to me, and a good preference reset never hurts, so that’s what I just did on mine. As my issue occurs a bit randomly, I can’t really tell if this did the trick, and only time will tell, but it feels promising. Thanks for the insight! Simon
  5. Interesting theory. However if that was the case, it would affect all apps and any text I write; and relaunching Designer wouldn’t by itself un-stuck it. So I’m doubtful.
  6. Hi, Affinity Designer sometimes gets stuck on the View tool. This happens even if you’re not using the View tool. The Toolbar shows the Brush tool selected, but the cursor is the hand and the behaviour is the View tool’s. You can click in the Toolbox to change tools (you see the new tool being selected), but the cursor/behaviour is still the View tool’s; there is no way to get rid of it. It’s like the application crashed. However, you can still save your work, quit and relaunch. After relaunch, the application behaves normally…until the next time it happens. Affinity Designer 1.7.1 Wacom driver 6.3.35-2 Mac OS Mojave 10.14.5 MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2017, Four Thunderbolt 3 Ports) Thanks, Simon
  7. Hi, In Affinity Designer, I can’t paint up to the bleed limit: my pixel brush strokes stop at the document’s edge. This, I find, defeats the purpose of a bleed. Of course I can still move or scale my artwork to make it bleed, but it’s not ideal. Vector brushes are OK. I first posted this as a comment about the Beta version; however, it seems to also apply to the current version. walt.farrell replied to my original post saying I should disable View > View Mode > Clip to Canvas to paint outside the document’s edge. So I disabled it and tried a pixel stroke that bleeds; however, it still stops at the document’s edge. On or off, I can see no difference. This seems to be a bug. .
  8. I’m evaluating the Affinity Designer Brush for my art drawing. One nice feature in Adobe Illustrator, I find, is the ability to edit a path by simply selecting it and hand-drawing over it. With each stroke, you get to remodel the path and refine it until perfect. Let’s say I draw an oval with the brush in free hand: there will be small bumps and flat areas, and the endpoints will be open. After selecting it, I can easily smoothen the curve by drawing over it, and I can connect the two endpoints and close the path smoothly the same way. The process is very natural and intuitive. So far I haven’t found a similar feature in Affinity Designer. It would be great to have it!
  9. Hi! I’m evaluating Affinity Designer as a replacement for Adobe Illustrator and I’m very impressed. However, my main tool would be the vector brush and I’m a bit disappointed with it. I find that Affinity’s vector brush re-interprets my strokes too much. I draw a curve and the resulting stroke gets transformed: it ends up being a bit too flat or a bit too curvy, a bit off. Is there a way to control the brush tool tolerance? In Adobe Illustrator, I can control brush fidelity and smoothness (see screenshot). I would say Affinity Designer’s tool would compare to Illustrator’s brush options set at 5 pixels / 5 %. I prefer setting it at 1 pixel / 1% for higher fidelity. Can something like this be done? (Please note that this doesn’t apply to the pixel brush (Pixel Persona), which follows my strokes precisely.)
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