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  1. Do you mean what update? Affinity Photo Last night, I again uninstalling and reinstalling affinity-photo-1.10.5.exe. It didn't ask to update this time and it seems okay. I hope it stays fixed. I can't really say I did anything different than the last couple times but it appears to be working because the panel is showing all the brushes and it will let me edit them again. Confusing, but if it works that's good. Sorry to have bothered everyone. But thanks, really. It's nice to know someone is trying to help. Let me know if you need anything from me.
  2. An awful lot of these apps came with the PC and Windows and don't want to be uninstalled. I've tried but seem to pop back up, like X Box and Netflix. Settings says I have 99 apps and shell:AppsFolder shown here says 160. Thanks for trying to help me.
  3. Something else I noticed is that when I update three of my color categories, the Grays, Colors, and Gradients Blacks are blank too. I uninstalled and reinstalled and they came back like the textures.
  4. I turned off all my protection and did the reinstall and everything came back, checked and my files and they looked like Ron P. snapshot but then AP said there was a new update available and I installed it. Restarted everything and now I'm back to the same issues. My texture has blanks and the extra files are missing from C:\Program Files\Affinity\Photo\Resources\Affinity Photo. So this must have something to do with the update but I can't see why other people aren't having trouble. I reinstalled AD while I have the protection shut down just in case. It seems to be fine. It has the extra prop files in just in the resource folder.
  5. I have Malwarebytes and Windows Defender. I'll try shutting them down and uninstall and reinstall. Crossing fingers. Would this have affected Designer too?
  6. I don't see one. Screen shot attached of what I have. I may have fixed my immediate problem but not sure if it will stick or why it malfunction. I used to use Photoshop and had lots of brushes. As a back up I created a folder with copies of most of my brushes (hopefully) and imported the same category as Texture 2 and it shows the brushes. I would like to know what's going on but maybe I'll have to redownload periodically. Some brushes wouldn't work in Affinity though they said they downloaded they didn't show up in the panel.
  7. After moving 1.0 folder and restarting AP - I agreed to terms... opened a new document and I have no brushes. I cheked the %APPDATA%\Affinity\Photo\ folder and there is a 1.0 folder. I restarted AP but still have not brushes. No, I haven't any of those software programs installed not that I could find; I know companies sneak them in sometimes but I couldn't find them.
  8. I tried both but still have the same issue. Restarted both Photo and my pc. Really thought one of those would work. Should I turn the acceleration back on? This may be nothing but in the brush panel the little Edit brush icon doesn't open. "Edit brush..." appears when I hover over it but clicking it doesn't do anything. I usually edit by double clicking and just noticed this because I'm trying every thing, Is it supposed to do something? It's not doing anything for the other brush categories either, not just Textures. Thank you for helping me out; I appreciate it.
  9. I probably should have said that I tried changing to Dark UI before. I attached screen shot. None of the other brushes look like this. raster_brushes.propcol
  10. Hope this is in the right area and that someone can help me figure this out. Some of my texture brush thumbnails (in the brush drop down panel) are blank(ish). The space is there but the picture is gone and number size are missing. If I click on them they work but I don't know which one I'm choosing. When I double click the edit brush window opens without a sample but it will let me edit it but again I don't know what I'll end up with. This has happened many months ago though restarting fixed it but this hasn't helped this time and it's been days. Any smart folk out there have ideas. Screen shot of issue attached. Windows 10 Affinity Photo
  11. Thank you, I'll try velocity. I know it does work with a mouse because I used it before I had a pen tablet, to make a scatter butterfly brush.
  12. I work on a PC, Windows 10, have the version of Affinity Photo. I edited a brush and though it shows the changes in the brush panel, when I use it the changes don't take. I just get a line of the image. It's the jitter. It is set for pressure but I'm using a mouse and it never bothered before. I tried the other choices and they don't work either. I exited and tried again on a new document and with different brushes a couple times. Same thing happened. Here's an example. So what did I do wrong this time?
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