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  1. Do you mean what update? Affinity Photo Last night, I again uninstalling and reinstalling affinity-photo-1.10.5.exe. It didn't ask to update this time and it seems okay. I hope it stays fixed. I can't really say I did anything different than the last couple times but it appears to be working because the panel is showing all the brushes and it will let me edit them again. Confusing, but if it works that's good. Sorry to have bothered everyone. But thanks, really. It's nice to know someone is trying to help. Let me know if you need anything from me.
  2. An awful lot of these apps came with the PC and Windows and don't want to be uninstalled. I've tried but seem to pop back up, like X Box and Netflix. Settings says I have 99 apps and shell:AppsFolder shown here says 160. Thanks for trying to help me.
  3. Something else I noticed is that when I update three of my color categories, the Grays, Colors, and Gradients Blacks are blank too. I uninstalled and reinstalled and they came back like the textures.
  4. I turned off all my protection and did the reinstall and everything came back, checked and my files and they looked like Ron P. snapshot but then AP said there was a new update available and I installed it. Restarted everything and now I'm back to the same issues. My texture has blanks and the extra files are missing from C:\Program Files\Affinity\Photo\Resources\Affinity Photo. So this must have something to do with the update but I can't see why other people aren't having trouble. I reinstalled AD while I have the protection shut down just in case. It seems to be fine. It has the extra prop files in just in the resource folder.
  5. I have Malwarebytes and Windows Defender. I'll try shutting them down and uninstall and reinstall. Crossing fingers. Would this have affected Designer too?
  6. I don't see one. Screen shot attached of what I have. I may have fixed my immediate problem but not sure if it will stick or why it malfunction. I used to use Photoshop and had lots of brushes. As a back up I created a folder with copies of most of my brushes (hopefully) and imported the same category as Texture 2 and it shows the brushes. I would like to know what's going on but maybe I'll have to redownload periodically. Some brushes wouldn't work in Affinity though they said they downloaded they didn't show up in the panel.
  7. After moving 1.0 folder and restarting AP - I agreed to terms... opened a new document and I have no brushes. I cheked the %APPDATA%\Affinity\Photo\ folder and there is a 1.0 folder. I restarted AP but still have not brushes. No, I haven't any of those software programs installed not that I could find; I know companies sneak them in sometimes but I couldn't find them.
  8. I tried both but still have the same issue. Restarted both Photo and my pc. Really thought one of those would work. Should I turn the acceleration back on? This may be nothing but in the brush panel the little Edit brush icon doesn't open. "Edit brush..." appears when I hover over it but clicking it doesn't do anything. I usually edit by double clicking and just noticed this because I'm trying every thing, Is it supposed to do something? It's not doing anything for the other brush categories either, not just Textures. Thank you for helping me out; I appreciate it.
  9. I probably should have said that I tried changing to Dark UI before. I attached screen shot. None of the other brushes look like this. raster_brushes.propcol
  10. Hope this is in the right area and that someone can help me figure this out. Some of my texture brush thumbnails (in the brush drop down panel) are blank(ish). The space is there but the picture is gone and number size are missing. If I click on them they work but I don't know which one I'm choosing. When I double click the edit brush window opens without a sample but it will let me edit it but again I don't know what I'll end up with. This has happened many months ago though restarting fixed it but this hasn't helped this time and it's been days. Any smart folk out there have ideas. Screen shot of issue attached. Windows 10 Affinity Photo
  11. Thank you, I'll try velocity. I know it does work with a mouse because I used it before I had a pen tablet, to make a scatter butterfly brush.
  12. I work on a PC, Windows 10, have the version of Affinity Photo. I edited a brush and though it shows the changes in the brush panel, when I use it the changes don't take. I just get a line of the image. It's the jitter. It is set for pressure but I'm using a mouse and it never bothered before. I tried the other choices and they don't work either. I exited and tried again on a new document and with different brushes a couple times. Same thing happened. Here's an example. So what did I do wrong this time?
  13. I guess that answers that. I was sure I used it but maybe it was a Photoshop thing.
  14. I have Windows 10 desktop and Affinity Photo 1.10.5 (updated today) I've been trying to find the split view button, and though I haven't needed to use it in a while, I still liked it; however it seems to have disappeared. The button is not among the toolbar customizations either. Also View mode under View is missing so I can't access it from there. It's still available in my Affinity Designer. It wasn't in the previous update either. I'm about to update Designer I hope it's still there when it's done. Any ideas?
  15. I haven't change the default fonts or done anything to Segoe but went into font settings and clicked restore default any way just in case something played with it and made sure Segoe is still in the font folder. When I was writing up my question yesterday I was trying to get a screen shot but Affinity shut down without notice, It does that too. But the next time it does it I'll try again. It doesn't seem to have a routine it follows sometimes days, sometimes hours between a hiccup, sometimes minutes. Could it have to do with it freezing up on me? This happens a lot. Task manager shows a crahpad_handler.exe nested under Affinity Photo and the program just freezes. Sometimes waiting it a few minutes works it out and it starts back up but sometimes - like an hour of leaving it doesn't help - I have to shut it down through task manager because it won't respond at all. A few months back I had Windows 10 reinstalled professionally and so I had to reinstall both Affinity. It was doing this before I reinstalled and hoped reinstalling would help but sadly, it didn't.
  16. This doesn't happen all the time but often enough to be really annoying. When exporting, and saving the pop up window may be mostly blank. The save and cancel buttons don't show up but the X button does. Affinity is updated. I know that Windows 10 messes up my programs with each update and I try not to if possible though it keeps over riding and tries again. I restart Affinity and sometimes that helps for a while sometimes days or restart the computer but is there a way to stop this? Everything show up in explorer just fine. Show Hidden folders and thumbnails are checked. i have Windows 10 version 2004, 4 GB, 64-bit, 2.6 GHz all-in-one desktop . My files are kept on a separate hard drive and I installed few programs; Affinity are the biggest. This leaves my PC nearly full of empty space. Before I bought my Affinity Photo and Designer I read that my PC was enough to run Affinity fine but now I read this isn't enough to run it well. Thanks if anyone has any suggestions. (I have no plans to buy another computer.)
  17. Sorry it took so long to respond -I lost my internet and just got a new company that's more reliable. I had Windows 10 reinstalled and so all programs like Affinty were also reinstalled fresh. TI tried you suggestion but it didn't help. I've been trying to fix the same problem in Designer. I tried your suggestion there too but it didn't fix the problem. Both crash - shutting down without warning or freeze, the tools stop working - mouse, keyboard, or graphic tablet pen all sometimes freeze. I ran compatibility mode trouble shooter and though it suggests Windows 8 the problem still persists. I tried bother programs before reinstalling the UGEE tablet just in case that was the issue though it didn't help either.
  18. I have just moved to Affinity and I too am having a hard time with the interfacing. I was using a old gray in Illustrator and Photoshop and find the light view in AD and AP nearly useless to see. Brushes are so tiny ans white on gray. The dark view isn't great either. Misery must like company because I was glad to know it wasn't just me, sad to know nothing is going to be done. REALLY hope someone with some clout reads some of these posts.
  19. I'm having a terrible time with AP. I did all the checks before purchasing it, my PC is like Hofmanfoto and the download site said it would be okay but obviously that wasn't true. It can't use at all without it freezing up or just shutting down without notice. It stops any other program every task manager from responding too. And several times it crashes my computer completely. The fact that the answer to every problem when it comes to electronics is "buy an new one", is ludicrous. My internet company says Windows is too much of a glutton so I need to buy more speed, Microsoft says that my programs need to be replaces because of it's updates make them obsolete, now Affinity needs a new computer? One day the whole world will be one huge landfill. I'm sorry, but I'm seriously disappointed that wasting money on a new item that will be obsolete before its unpacked is always the go to answer for software and electronic companies. Not everyone is rich enough or just plain foolish enough to buy something just because a new one came out. But the world is full of "gotta have it" people I suppose. Again Sorry but I'm just so frustrated with a program I thought could replace my CS2 software. I'm glad now i didn't order this for my nieces.
  20. I have Affinity Photo 1.8.3 installed on Windows 10 and am having a lot of problems. I've uninstalled and reinstalled my graphic driver software because others on line said that might help, it didn't. 1) Constantly not responding, freezing (just stopped responding and won't start working for several minutes), and sometimes it just shuts down without notice, poof. But each and every time I use it, it will stop responding several times. This happens a lot when I have to use large size brushes, erasers, clone tools etc. Just changing the size (not yet using them) will cause a "not responding". Thank goodness for your ask to recover unsaved file because saving often causes a freeze up too. 2) Any other program that may be in use at the time - Firefox, iTunes, Affinity Designer, Task Manager, or even File Explorer, etc - will stop responding and sometimes crash. No i'm not running them all at the same time. 3) Sometimes keystrokes won't work and tools won't switch even if I use the mouse or pen. The tool square shows to be highlighted but doesn't change on screen - sometimes the tool may still work though other times it won't. It often stays on as the hand tool or the move tool. I've checked the keyboard, and it only does this in Affinity programs. It doesn't matter what size document I'm working with and I primarily work with 300 dpi, 12x12 inch or smaller documents. I'd understand if it was huge but it's not. I tried saving more often because it seemed to get worse if I waited more than 5 minutes, but it still freezes. It took ages to get AP to install and update - I mean I worked on it for weeks - terrible, unreliable and unfortunately only available internet around. So uninstalling and reinstalling is a absolutely last, last, last option. Designer stops responding too but not this bad. If anyone has any idea why this so bad I'd appreciate some help.
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