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  1. I was really hoping this same problem would have been fixed in the latest version 1.7 of Photo, but unfortunately it has not. What a huge oversight IMHO. I have ready built templates with many layers, some empty, that I need to retain so I can use them in other programs so I can then "fill in" those empty layers, but Photo always deletes them upon export. C'mon guys. At least make this an option I can toggle on and off if you don't want to make it the default (for the life of me I still can't see why it's not already the default). I remember reading about increased Photoshop compatibility for this release but so far I don't see it. You keep making it harder for me to fully switch to Photo.
  2. Honestly I can think of any one feature I NEED more than this. Especially now after upgrading to High Sierra and my legacy copy of Illustrator no longer working properly. I can't believe people have been requesting this for three years now and it's not on the roadmap.
  3. cinemachine

    31 Character Hang

    If I try to save a file that has more than 31 characters, I get a warning. All well and good up to this point, but when I change the file name to have less than 31 characters and hit save, the save window goes blank inside but I still have access to the Cancel or Save buttons. Unfortunately neither work to allow me to escape and there's no other way to quit the program other than doing a Force Quit. See attached. Hope you can get this resolved.