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  1. I am trying to make a seamless pattern. Will have to work with scanned textures. So i will have to sometime use the clone tool. If I paint with brush tool on pattern layer, this is ok, the painting on the sides of the pattern layer repeats on the opposite side. When I do the same with the clone brush, it doesn't repeat on the opposite side. A I missing something or this is not implemented yet ? On red : painting with brush. On green, on the right stamp tool from center = no repeat. Thanks for help. All the best.
  2. Hi all, I'm considering buying Designer but one thing that I can't find is if there is a way to fill an object using vector or patterns. I only find gradients and bitmap. I know we can duplicate an object to create hand made pattern but I can't then edit the repetitions like if is a bitmap fill. Cheers, Juan
  3. Hi, I am trying to make a vector pattern made of equilateral triangles with different levels of opacity. I would like for the triangles to line up perfectly with each other. I tried with different snapping and grid settings however, there are still some gaps and misaligned triangles here and there (the whole process of manually adjusting every single triangle is also pretty time-consuming). Is there a more precise and efficient way to do this kind of work? Thanks for any help anyone can offer. Triangle_pattern.afdesign
  4. I am making a half drop repeating seamless pattern in Designer that I'm using lines with multiple overlapping gaussian blur effects applied. I always have problems with shadow effect matching up at the seams of the pattern, and was hoping to find some solutions. Matching up lines that cross a seam can be a challenge, but when I create a blur effect, it never matches on the other side of the seam. The has to be a method for using shadows and highlights that can be learned that works reasonably well, but I haven't seen found any instructions that deal with such that specific niche of using this program. Here is a screen shot to show what I'm referring to-- you can see the seam where the tile doesn't match up with the blur effect, especially in the corner of the half drop.
  5. Hi, I’m having trouble with reviewing my pattern tiles (1890 x 1890px at 150dpi). I am getting a pale line throughout my pattern in the pattern layer and the pixels running on the edge of my tile seem to lighten automatically. Even though the change is quite faint (as shown in the photo), it’s not suitable for printing. My pattern tiles are 1890 x 1890px at 150 dpi and the colour of the pixels along the edge change which is becoming very frustrating. What am I missing? Thanks so much, Liz Hussey
  6. Looking for tutorials on making half drop and half row repeat pattern tiles. I can find plenty of tutorials on making a basic square repeat, but I want to make more complex patterns using rectangles and offsets for half drop repeats and different variations of brick by row and column. Ideally, I would like to learn how to make patterns with offsets in both X and Y. Here is a test pattern using a method I know for making a half drop pattern, but I don't know how to crop a tile for this method.
  7. Hi guys, just a quick and easy way to create a waves pattern or a chevron pattern without using the pen tool.
  8. Irregularity/randomness of brush pattern seems to be fixed on the macro action. The brush pattern always comes out the same like it's copied. I think the random parameter for brush pattern shouldn't be fixed. it should be different each time.
  9. I switch from Adobe to @affinitybyserif after 11 years. I really miss: 1) serious control tool to check pdf after print, 2) equivalent ai pattern tool in designer, 3) more than 2 side by side pages in publisher. I hope you think about it, thanks a lot
  10. I searched a lot and I can't find anything about this, expect some workaround that doesn't work as expected. Is there a way to use a brush/pattern that follow a path ? It's a pretty basic feature on illustrator or photoshop. Thanks
  11. Just thought I may as well post this, as I'm finalising a t-shirt design destined for screen print. Initially I was gonna use VectorStylers new Halftone Repeater feature which is great but still in it's early stages so had a few hiccups, so in the end all design was done in Affinity Pub (studioLink) with the exception of the the distorted text which was done in VectorStyler. I came up with this halftone workaround a while ago while messing around with the early betas of pub that had the data merge layout function added, it's really easy and involves a symbol which is repeated 8x8 then placed inside a data merge layout container sized to accommodate then repeated as much as needed and pasted inside the vector containers that need the halftone, for me this works a little better (at the moment) than VS repeater method but quite similar in principle. Once in place the symbol can then be resized to simulate the density of the halftone which can easily be done with the arrow keys in the transform panel - I'm not really any good at all this tutorial stuff, but it may be able to help someone? The finished PDF/X-1a 2003 file should then be output to film with the Red 032 separation and the black separation output negative which will be the opaque white ink base which is designed to be printed on a black T-shirt This technique also works as a cheat for any kind of repeating pattern: 2143350893_ScreenGrab2022-01-20at09_47_08.mov
  12. Here's another hexagonal repeat this time done with a shot of an old olive tree: The detail is well worth zooming on.....I had not expected the complex and, for me, fascinating result. All best wishes Antony
  13. Hello everybody, How you doing? Well, I guess that Affinity Designer has the same tool to create patterns from strokes as Illustrator has. (Image attached). I'm newbie in Affinity Suite, so I dind't find anything relate to that. Somebody could help me? Thanks. Have a nice day.
  14. What am I doing wrong, to get this effect instead of a beautifull filled pattern? I made a rectangel, filled it with a style and rasterised it. Layer- new pattern layer from selection and this is what i got. I do not want the 1 or 2 pixel lines. happy greetings, Yolanda
  15. This may be already requested by somebody before. But just in case, texture & pattern overlay effect won't be imported when opening a psd.
  16. HI, I have a problem with a pdf file that contains a pattern. Pattern is low resolution when opened in Designer! I know Affinity Designer doesn't support patterns, but maybe it would load them as static cropped artwork. Not as pixels and low resolution at that. Or maybe add pattern support in designer like the one from Photo? But vector! paternX4.pdf
  17. Hi there, i search for a tool / asset or so program for Affinity Designer, to make easily Mandalas and / or Patterns... It can be cost a little bit, no problem, so i search on the website "Creative Market" but i am not sure, what the best or if that is what i need. Can you recommend some tool for me? Best regards. Info: I have the Windows 10 Version (Desktop Program)
  18. i cant get my account linked (hit the button and nothing) same problem when i click on "new pattern layer from selection" mac os 10.11.6 el capitan
  19. is there a way to create “half drop” repeat patterns in version 1.9 or does it limit you to only single image simple even patterns? How about patterns with multiple images? Also, Can I import other elements from another file or another layer to incorporate it into the repeat pattern layer?
  20. Good day to you. Usually I use Publisher for creating "presentations" rather than prints, so before I used Keynote a lot. And there is pretty useful thing called: "Advance image fill" where I could take any image and turn it into pattern. I tried to find something similar in Publisher but failed. Any thoughts how can I replace this function?
  21. Hello! I am making a board game board using Affinity Designer, and was hoping someone out there could assist me in speeding up my process! I have done some prototype boards, and it has been a tedious process for making the track/titles that the pieces move on. It's a lot of resizing rectangles! (attached is an image of something similar to what I am trying to do) Ideally, what I would like to do be able to do is make a curved line path, and the squares magically appear roughly 1.5 inches in length. Any suggestions would be much appreciated! Thank you!
  22. Is there going to be a pattern feature in affinity designer soon?
  23. I was initially a bit underwhelmed with Photo betas Pattern fill tool as I prefer to use vectors for this kind of thing, but just had a thought today about using Publishers Data Merge layout tool to create vector patterns and it turns out to work really well, at least for my usage - I'm not really up to the job at making tutorials, but thought I'd make a few screen captures in order to share the technique - it really does seem powerful and doesn't seem to slow down the way the old step and repeat symbols technique does First here's an earlier post from today where I first began messing around with the technique - this covers the basics of how to set up a repeating pattern And heres the technique put into practice on one of my old cartoon illustration jobs - hope someone can make use of it Pattern_test.mov
  24. Hello, I'm trying the Publisher demo to see if it could replace some work I do in Photoshop. There's a feature I need a lot in my designs, it's the Pattern overlay. Let's say I'm picking a rectangle, I go to Layer style > Pattern overlay and pick a pattern (you can import .pat files) and then this pattern is applied repeatedly to the shape. I can play with transparency, size, etc. I haven't found anything to do the same in Affinity Publisher. The Fill tool doesn't do the same.. Any idea for me, as this is really a blocker 😞 Will this feature come? Otherwise, I love the software.. great job guys. Thanks.
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