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  1. 1st image I tried changing the pressure from the brush window didnt also show a new result. 2nd photo already changed the pressure manually from the stroke pannel & the opacity, the size changed & the opacity changed from only one side not both as the Brushes panel displays. & If I try to draw a new brush stroke It doesnt adapt to the new edits.
  2. Using a Wacom tablet & the pressure feature is selected & nothing changing. No customizing at all vector brushes except for the size. No matter what I change in the setting brushes remain the same.
  3. Marketing & financial wise this would be true since the software has a great potential & is quiet affordable.
  4. Affinity definitely has a good potential for developing & reaching more audience/users. Still they miss other features beside support Arabic. Affinity Designer doesnt have a Pattern Feature, which is hard to make, nearly impossible specially if on is designing for a large scale size like a pattern for a wallpaper. I didnt buy the software yet, but I think it supports mobile application design, but not sure it has wireframes & prototypes to support the app design.
  5. Can Affinity support other languages? 1- I cant write Arabic in a correct form (from Right to left) in the frame text tool. However it is written in a correct form in the notification bar at the bottom. The Arabic language is not displayed in the language bar.
  6. Arent updates free from Serif? If I buy the current version wouldn't I be able to update free of charge?
  7. Was about to do so, but are really the trial only 10 days?! or is it 30 day but limited to 10 day to "specific countries"? Also thinking about purchasing it but facing a problem when I'm just in the trial period is frustrating start 😓
  8. I downloaded Affinity Designer last week. When I started installing it the software said that the trial is only 10 days not 30. The 10 days are now over & I wasn't able to fully experience the software (that's beside Vector brush tool that I wasn't able to customize: see the link). Soooo...... ??
  9. Is there going to be a pattern feature in affinity designer soon?
  10. I downloaded the trial version of Affinity Designer & tried customizing a brush but didnt work. I tried creating a new brush & customizing it, didnt work too. I tried closing the software and reopen it, didnt work as well. What to do now?!! ps: I tried customizing existed brushed and did !
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