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  1. Hey guys, another quick tutorial showing the way I use to add long shadows to text or flat icons.
  2. Hi guys, just a quick and easy way to create a waves pattern or a chevron pattern without using the pen tool.
  3. Hey guys, a quick tip/tutorial that lets you add multiple strokes to your text while keeping the text editable. (Just a quick note: the first step of adding a stroke can be omitted and in a lot of a cases this method works better without the initial stroke.)
  4. Simple tutorial showing how you can create a vector compass using simple shapes.
  5. Hi guys, this tutorial show how you can achieve an interlaced text effect. If you found it useful, youtube likes and comments are greatly appreciated)
  6. Hey guys, a simple tutorial that shows how you can create custom pattern brushes that you can use for creating borders or decorations. My Youtube Channel
  7. Hi guys, this tutorials shows how you can achieve a glitch effect.
  8. A simple badge design that works great for t-shirts, using just simple shapes.
  9. Thanks @Pariah73 . To be honest I can't think of an easy way to do what you are asking. The only way I can think of is after you complete the method shown at the tutorial uncheck the Show Rotation Center button and then select them one by one and set their rotation to 0 degrees in the Transform panel. If the duplicates are not many it is doable, but if there are too many duplicates it will be a nightmare.
  10. Thanks Alfred, I really appreciate the feedback and corrections, however I don't think I can update the video on youtube without deleting it(not sure since I am pretty new to this). I will make sure I proofread my text instructions better in future videos. BTW I love Scotland, I lived in Glasgow in the early 2000s for a year.
  11. Here's another simple tutorial that I think is useful especially for badge designs and t-shirt designs. This time no voice over (I am researching microphones and learning audio editing) just text instructions. My Youtube Channel: Design Beginners Tutorial:
  12. @GarryP Thanks for the encouragement. For the subtitles I am currently trying software out. Davinci resolve studio (free) seems to be the most powerful but it is quite complicated and I don't need most of its features since I am not doing any color grading or stuff like that. The easiest software that gets the job done I have tried so far is Camtasia but it is pricey (about $250). I also tried openshot but it kept crushing. Those are the ones I have tried so far.
  13. Thank you for the feedback guys, I really appreciate it. For future tutorials I am going to create a script beforehand since I noticed that I am breaking the flow or trailing off trying to think the appropriate English word or expression (I haven't practiced spoken English in almost 15 years). I will also try to learn a bit about audio editing to make my voice more crisp and maybe get a better microphone. Also learning to add subtitles is also in my to do list (I know almost nothing about video editing). Thanks again.
  14. Hi Guys, this is a simple tutorial that shows how to create an editable dropline or hatched line dropshadow or whatever you want to call it like the image attached with affinity designer. This is my very first tutorial ever and my very first video ever so any feedback is appreciated.
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