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  1. this seems to happen when I am moving through layers, changing colors and moving items. I don't think I'm doing anything complex or that my file is particularly large. I've included screen shots below and an error report from my MacBook because it happened there. I cannot uninstall because when I drag to the trash it says it can't because it's running. I can't reopen either.
  2. I tried to uninstall but when I try to drag it to the trash it says it can't because it's running. this is getting to be annoying. any other ideas?
  3. attaching the error report, now having the same issue on my MacBook. clearly I am doing something wrong. if anyone can help, I'd be most grateful! thanks jen error report.pdf
  4. the first image is a shot of what i was working on when things went nuts. just clicking thru layers changing colors and moving the flowers. the others are shots of what i am seeing as far as the app not responding and me trying to force quit. dont know if that is of any value or not. if i can provide any other info, please let me know. thanks!
  5. hmm.... when i right click on the icon it says force quit and when i try to restart i get a quit the app message first. i tried to uninstall and i a get quit the app message. i tried to open designer and it doesn't. as a side question, you sound like you know your mac stuff, do you use anything like 'clean my mac'? thanks for taking the time to help!
  6. R C-R is does not show up in activity monitor. DWright this seems to happen when i am moving quickly through my doc, changing colors and moving items. i'm not doing very complex stuff firstdefence thanks for the insight. you might be on to something!
  7. hi, i'm having a heck of a problem with designer. recently it's bogging down and gets hung and doesn't respond. right now the dot below the icon is there but i am getting no response. i can't force quit, i've tried, litereally all day. right clicking on the icon, activity monitor, apple icon, nothing. can't re-open either. my mac is older, late 2013 8mb ram, is that my problem? i am using the latest version 1.6.1 on mojave 10.14.3 any help is most appreciated. jen
  8. One of the things i used in illustrator was the live trace tool and i know there has been discussion about when/if it will be added to designer. i was determined to find a way to make it work and i have found something that works for me and i like the look much better. i am a illustrator/pattern designer and use my paintings in my pattern design. afphoto is SO GOOD at selection i used it's various options to select the areas and color them by creating a fill layer and dragging that underneath the selection layer. i really love that it still maintains the painterly look. i have been playing with the same thing coloring photos. i am attaching my files. the look may not be everyone's cup of tea but i am thrilled and will continue to play with this more. just wanted to share my 'discovery' the flower on the left is colored from the painting to the right of it and the hydrangea is a photo i colored by selecting various colors and the alpha range. thanks for letting me share. jen
  9. thanks for the response! had not seen the first one but have seen the others. the first answered some of my questions. it's very helpful to see your pattern 'live' when working with symbols, meaning i can see what it looks like on a larger scale when i am working on just one small segment. you can see errors right away. would like to keep it vectors. thanks again!
  10. I have been going thru old posts regarding pattern design and am wondering a few things..... do you gain anything by creating your pattern as a symbol? and if you do, can you export that symbol and use it to fill? (found a great tut that showed using symbols and you can see 'live' how your pattern is looking and where it's working and not working) if you create your pattern, export and use it to fill is that the best way to go? new to affinity and just trying to figure out how i want to work pattern design in AD. any patterns designers out there? thanks so much!
  11. i am so very tickled with af photo!!!! it's sooo much easier than ps and much more intuitive. everything is where you need it! this is a simple illustration i am working on for a book cover, nothing fancy. i'm just thrilled at how easy it was for me to cut, separate and color! jen
  12. hello all, new to the forum and affinity. have to say i am THRILLED with affinity! looking for tips, ways to improve removing the watercolor paper background. maybe i'm doing just fine but i thought i'd ask for input. what i've done is selected the paper using the 'color sample' selection option, inverted the selection to get the painted elements, then refined using .2px for feather and smooth, thinking that would soften the edges and expand the shapes just a little. i inverted the selection again which gave me back the white paper selected and then cut it out. seems like a lot of steps but it goes so quickly! if you look at the attached image there is haziness around the image. is that from the feathering? do you think it would be better to do this with a mask? NOTE: the black background is temp so i can see if there are any bits of the paper that didn't get removed. the end result will be posting this watercolor to print on demand sites like society 6 and red bubble. thanks for having me and for the input. jen
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