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  1. Lovemonkey

    My efforts in Photo and Designer

    Ok I have my IPad at work, "8. Could the glove nearest to the viewer somehow overlap part of the roundel?" Yes it can and its looks so much better, also allows me increase the size of the figure so I can rid of that belt. Thank you so much @GarryP
  2. Lovemonkey

    My efforts in Photo and Designer

    Thank you for the input, I do like your ideas. Might give it a whirl when I get some time to sit down and go over it more. I agree with the typeface and distressing, I was looking at something with the carved in rock look and I keep messing up the text to path for some reason hence why the letters are not in line (so to speak) also having different sized spears is not something I would off thought about. Looking at your knock up design, it does look better with different sizes and the broken letters really does make it stand out. I wasn't sure about the belt being in there, I just wanted something to break up the bottom of the circle. I will play a round more with figure to see if making him bigger will look better. The overall look I'm after is battle worn or something knocked about a bit. The logo will be used on FB and possibly on t-shirts.
  3. Still getting used to the whole photo editing and designing thingamajig. First one is logo Ive designed for friends Kickboxing club, its still WIP as I feel its not just there yet. Second is me messing about in Photo using the Xenon brush pack. I did wan't to try and use the smoke brush pack. But I just couldn't get it right and watching the creators Youtube video in slow motion still didn't help.
  4. Lovemonkey

    Getting closer

    Is that the Orion Nebular (M42)?
  5. Lovemonkey

    WWII Warbirds Series

  6. Lovemonkey

    Calendar 2019

    That is great, I like how you made the city scape using electronic parts. Very clever!
  7. Lovemonkey

    Toy Photography

    Dredd looks fantastic.
  8. Lovemonkey

    Second attempt

    Look almost like something from Warhammer Fantasy (as it was known as then) Great stuff.
  9. Lovemonkey

    Cold War Veteran Series

    Great work are you going to include the TSR-2?
  10. Lovemonkey

    Inktober Deep Space

    Excellent stuff!
  11. Lovemonkey

    Digital painting with Affinity Photo

    I follow you on Instagram, some of work is fantastic.
  12. Lovemonkey

    Sketch concept

    I was going to ask the same thing and yes, those sketches look great!
  13. Lovemonkey

    astronomy photos

    Fantastic images, I use a modded xbox web cam when I dabble in astro photography. But cloud and light pollution prevent me from doing anything now.
  14. Lovemonkey


    Nice work, I like how you made look like 60's movie poster.
  15. Lovemonkey


    Excellent image, Im a big fan of the Destiny games. Really capture the look and feel of the Destiny universe!