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  1. Yeah I love the smell of leatherette seats in the morning My dad had a traveller which was a great car. It was even my accommodation when we went camping.
  2. I tend to start by doing a line drawing using pencil. I use this as a reference. The light and shade are all from my (limited) imagination :-)
  3. I like Asher's work very much. Have read many series including the Ower trilogy, Rise of the Jain etc. Do you know what puling child means? A whinging, bleating or crying child. It was the orginal name given to Penny Royal.
  4. Hi Peter I had a couple of BSA's. A Bantam and a cobbled up 250 bitsa (bitsa this, bitsa that). This is a portrait of my current bike:
  5. Lovely work. I also use a lot of gaussian blur. If it works, use it
  6. Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever. Yes, I read those myself. Really excellent books. I was also a big fan of Michael Morcock.
  7. I love scooters. Have owned a few in my life. My favorite was my Lambretta Li150, which I tooled around on during the late 60's. I did an illustration of it a few years ago, using the old Serif DrawPlus.
  8. Absolutely stunning work. I am envious of your skill.
  9. This is an illustration of the first bike I ever rode. A 1948 Panther 600. Known then as a 'Slope Pot'. One bang for every 50 yards Probably the most complex illustration I have done so far. Wasn't sure if the software would handle the complexity. When I used to use Serif DrawPlus for this kind of thing, I often got a message that the drawing had become too complex to handle. Doesn't seem to have the same problem in Affinity. The biggest issue i have with Affinity though is the lack of an envelope distortion tool, which would have made things like the tank graphics easier.
  10. Showing my age here, but my first bike, in 1969, was a Panther 600 single with side car. The list since then is too long to cover here but I did have a Kwakker 900 Z1b in the late 1970's. Lovely bike for its era. Have the Tiger 800 roadie now.
  11. Really nice work. Immediately reminded me of the Leonard Cohen song: Like a bird on a wire...
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