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  1. digiart350

    The Lotus Projects

    yeah, I read "font" and thought the OP must have been talking about the font used on the kanji in his one image. thanks for clarifying. Well, that puts a new perspective on things.
  2. digiart350

    The Lotus Projects

    Very cool, and inspirational work! I love the geometrical approach you used, the results are quite stunning. I think your use of space, shapes, and color is genius. Thanks for sharing your artwork.
  3. digiart350

    Two easy pieces.

    Brilliant work, love them both.
  4. This is fairly gross, but it's excellently drawn... What room are you going to hang this in? :D
  5. digiart350

    Work in progress but need a little help

    I just added a (dark brown) inner shadow on the white one and it looks pretty good. Love what you're doing here, the Christen Eagle is a beauty.
  6. digiart350

    The Crew: musician figures

    Great looking and fun character designs. Alfred, that's an interesting solution to the frets, so long as the object your working with has parallel geometry. However, how would you solve the problem if you're working with non-parallel lines? You could still do your scaling solution but the fret lines will eventually cross over the edges. Is there a way to trim lines in Affinity?
  7. This is very impressive work! Great idea to start with the silhouette too. I love the mood of the darker rhino's face and the detail is excellent.
  8. digiart350

    64 Chevy Greenbrier Van

    This is great vector work, nicely done!!!
  9. digiart350

    Jet Fighters - AD

    Oh.... i love jets and planes.. these look very sleek and stylish.. Cool work!!!!!
  10. digiart350

    Polygonal Fly

    I'll 2nd that, it's interesting work.