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  1. Hi Alun, Nice to know there's another Affinity/Classic Bike enthusiast out there. A mate of mine had a Panther just a few years later than the one in your illustration. It was back in the day when I was riding a BSA Gold Flash. I'm currently working on a Matchess G50 and have a Gold Flash on the list of things to do later.
  2. Another couple of my bike illustrations, this time a couple of classic racers that I enjoyed watching on the Isle of Man in the sixties. Still using a bit too much gausian blur in my illustrations but I like the softer effect it gives.
  3. Thanks Marc, I would certainly be interested in seeing the details of the process in the AD file. Peter
  4. Hi Marc, Very impressive, Something for me to aspire to. I'll keep working on my technique. Peter
  5. Thanks for your comments and advice, Marc. I'm learning all the time. Peter
  6. Took me about 40 hours. One of the advantages of being retired is having time on your hands.
  7. Another bike, this one owned by my son. Continually learning more about Designer and happy about my progress. Almost cracked the chrome effect in this illustration but still a way to go. Will keep on practicing. I had problems converting this to JPG as the red colouring kept coming out a more maroon colour. Finally found a workaround by changing Designer file from RGB to Adobe RGB before converting to JPG. Hope you like the Ducati.
  8. Thanks Kevin, A few good tips there and your Comaro illustration provided a bit more guidance. I'm working on a Ducati Pantah at the moment so I'll see if I can get the chromework and reflections a bit more accurate this time.
  9. Another of my all time favorite bikes. Unfortunately, never owned one but learnt to ride on a Velocette Valiant which I owned as a teenager. It was a 200cc flat twin with shaft drive. Found out recently that only1600 were made. Fairly happy with my illustration but I wish I could get more realistic chrome effects. Does anyone have any tips for this?
  10. Nice job on the Tiger 800, Alun. I have since fixed up the Bonneville's wheels, as a few spokes somehow went missing. I'm sure someone would have noticed eventually.
  11. Playing with Designer Beta and found a few useful improvements. My attempt at one of my favorite bikes.
  12. Walt, thanks for explaining the place images panel for Thomaso. I would prefer that the panel remain open until all the images have been placed or unused ones manually deleted. What do you think about it?
  13. Still frustrated that the place images panel disappears when another tool is selected, and unplaced pics have to be reloaded. Is anyone else finding that this slows down their workflow?
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