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  1. doar

    Designer Pocket Watch Illustration

    As my way of giving back to the design community, here is the Affinity Designer file of the pocket watch illustration. Enjoy! pocket-watch-v1b.zip
  2. I would recommend FoglihtenNo07Alt, which a free font available on Font Squirrel.
  3. doar

    Designer Pocket Watch Illustration

    Thanks for the kind words... and thanks for the suggestion Carl, I think you are right it needed a name on the face.
  4. I must say that I don't miss Adobe at all. Kudos Affinity on creating great design tools!
  5. I am left wondering if the same people who are criticizing Publisher for no InDesign import/export and Quark import/export will also be on the Adobe and Quark forums criticizing them for no Publisher import/export? For me, this suite of products is the first real alternative to the Creative Cloud solution and at a fraction of the price, I will find ways of working around any shortcomings that may present themselves. I've seen a lot of very negative comments in these forums, which IMHO are a tad unwarranted. It is an early BETA after all. My congrats to the Affinity team on what promises to be a great alternative for professional designers and web developers.