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  1. I was able to reconstruct the error. I sent you the DL link with instructions as PM. PS: could you authorize my profile for editing? i am not a spam robot
  2. Hi @GabrielM, I use the latest Windows Store versions of Affinity Designer and Photo (windows 10). The problem only occurred with Affinity Photo. I wanted to create mockup images. I did the following: - Open Mockup Photo in Affinity Photo - create and save a new document (to insert later logos,...) - place this new file in the mockup file - edit embedded file - Copy logo from Affinity Designer and paste into embedded Affinity Photo file (Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V) - If I then want to transform the file/logo with the mouse, Affinity Photo terminates without a crash report or similar. I couldn't test if this error still occurs. But 2 days ago it happened to me with a lot of different files. among others also with ready-made *.psd mockups, which I prepared for the use with Affinity photo. I hope that was understandable
  3. I have a similar problem (split from, this post). I experienced it when editing embedded files. Affinity Photo was closed without receiving a crash report. I tried this several times and always the same error occurred and Affinity Photo closed on its own. Unfortunately no "restore" window is shown when restarting. So all unsaved steps are lost and you have to start at zero.
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