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  1. Hi there. I've posted a similar issue here before but now it seems Affinity Designer won't export PDFs properly. When I apply the transparency tool on an image in Affinity Designer and then export it (using the default PDF (For Print) the transparency effect is gone in the PDF exported. I have to flatten the PDF in order for this to work. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. Any help appreciated. Thanks! test.pdf test.afdesign
  2. ok that's weird. Why did that fix the issue? I'm so confused now.
  3. @Chris_K Another example. An image in this document has some adjustments made directly in Affinity Designer. But when I export it as a PDF the adjustments are missing. See screenshots below. I have to choose preset PDF (Flatten) to fix this issue (which I don't really want to do since the fonts wont be vectorized). THanks!
  4. Hi @Chris_K Yeah something weird is going on. Here are my files. Same issue still. Haven't done any transformations with the image when placing it in Affinity Designer. Weird bug. I also embedded a PSD image file into Affinity Designer with the same adjustments and I'm still getting that weird PDF export issue. Attached files. Thanks! Untitled.pdf Untitled.afdesign IMG_7262.afphoto
  5. Hey there! I'm wondering if anyone is having any issues with exporting PDFs from Affinity Designer. I have this Affinity Photo file which has been embedded in my Affinity Designer document (I wish there was a way to link to an Affinity Photo file instead of embedding it... any way) but when I go to export the Affinity Designer as a PDF (With the preset PDF (For Export, For Print, For Web) the exported PDF file is messed up. I have to flatten when I export the PDF in order to fix this. See attached screenshots of what I mean. I also have the same issue with any adjustments that have been made to an image in Affinity Photo and then imported to Affinity Designer. When I export the PDF from Affinity Designer. The PDF completely ignores all adjustments that I had made on the image. I have to flatten it to fix that. Any help will be appreciated! Thanks!
  6. varlien

    Affinity Designer Snapping Bug

    THAT'S IT! Thanks you so much for pointing that out! That's pretty cool that Affinity Designer gives you that option.
  7. varlien

    Affinity Designer Snapping Bug

    Hi there. I've encountered this snapping bug (See GIF) many times and I'm wondering if this is a bug or something else. The problem seems to happen when an element on the artboard has been idle for a while (meaning it hasn't been touched or moved in a while) and when I create a new shape and try to align (snap) to that idle element the snapping guides don't appear at all. I have to select that idle element first and only then will the snapping feature work. Affinity Designers seems to not want to snap to elements that have been on the artboard for a while. Is anyone else having the same issue?
  8. Yeah exactly this. Even though I thoroughly enjoy using the Affinity tools the fact that I can't work directly on the cloud has me switching back to using Adobe tools where at least it's a lot more stable working on the cloud. Adobe at least lets you do a "Save a New File" when the problem does happen. If Affinity wants to be serious about being a legit competitor to Adobe they can't really let this pass through as it's too big of an issue for me. Considering as well that nowadays a lot of creatives either work on the cloud or on local servers. Hope this is a priority Affinity. I'd definitely jump back to using it if it's resolved.
  9. Thanks! It's kinda what I'm doing now. I guess habits die hard when you've been using Adobe Illustrator for years! lol
  10. I'm afraid we'll have to bug pCloud to fix this issue on their end.
  11. pCloud just responded and this is what they had to say:
  12. **Previous comment removed** Getting an error in Affinity Photo too.
  13. Hey there. Thanks for getting in touch. This is a huge caveat I would say. I mostly do all my work on the cloud since I like having access to my files at home and at work. Would it be changed eventually? I have had no issues working with Adobe files using the cloud. I may just consider sticking to using Adobe illustrator then if that's the case.
  14. Did you find a way around for this yet hbeier? Kinda frustrating.