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  1. Hey guys, I can't seem to find a way to convert process colours to spot in Affinity Publisher Beta. Not quite sure if there is a way yet. When I'm doing a print job that has a die-line, perf, fold line, etc, I usually set them up as a spot colour. In InDesign I usually convert one of the colours (either cyan, magenta, yellow, black, or whatever) from Color Type: Process to Color Type: Spot and then assign a name to each (like die-line). Is there a way to do something like that in Affinity Publisher at the moment? Thanks!
  2. Hey @AlainP, my bad, sorry for the confusion. I have no issues opening the EPS file in Affinity Designer. The issue I have is pretty much what @Sean P mentioned above. Thanks!
  3. Hi @AlainP. Thanks for checking it out. The istock vector file in question is attached here. It has a lot of curve elements and paths. Trying to move those individual elements with snapping turned on with the preset: Page Layout and Objects is terribly slow. Setting the snapping preset to Curve Drawing or completely turning it off fixes that lag or freezing. iStock-864352514.eps
  4. Update: I turned off Snapping (Which was set to Page Layouts with Objects) and that drastically improved the performance. Definitely something with snapping that is causing that issue.
  5. Thanks for checking it out @douglasrthomson . It's really slow when I try and move/edit the individual curve elements like the leaves and the twigs. Is that slow on your end too?
  6. Hey guys, I was working on this vector file that I downloaded from iStock and it has a lot of curves and points. However, when I open the EPS file in Affinity Designer or even copy the vector objects from Illustrator to Affinity Designer, moving the objects in Affinity Designer is very slow and I constantly get a spinning wheel for basically moving an object. There's no issue doing just that in Illustrator though. What is up with that? I'm on spec'd out iMac and it's definitely not a hardware issue. Is Affinity not able to handle documents with lots of curves and path? I've attached
  7. Hey there. It would be neat if there was a way to hide all objects bleeding out. The Preview in Screen Mode from InDesign does that for you and it would be neat to have something like that in Affinity Publisher. Currently, you can hide all guides ( ^ + W on a mac) but that doesn't hide all the objects and text bleeding out. Thanks!
  8. Thanks! Would be neat to have a feature like that included eventually. I like previewing my designs without all the object boxes and areas that are "bleeding" out.
  9. Hey guys. Is there a screen mode like in InDesign? Can't seem to find something similar in the Affinity Publisher Beta. Thanks!
  10. Hi there. I've posted a similar issue here before but now it seems Affinity Designer won't export PDFs properly. When I apply the transparency tool on an image in Affinity Designer and then export it (using the default PDF (For Print) the transparency effect is gone in the PDF exported. I have to flatten the PDF in order for this to work. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. Any help appreciated. Thanks! test.pdf test.afdesign
  11. @Chris_K Another example. An image in this document has some adjustments made directly in Affinity Designer. But when I export it as a PDF the adjustments are missing. See screenshots below. I have to choose preset PDF (Flatten) to fix this issue (which I don't really want to do since the fonts wont be vectorized). THanks!
  12. Hi @Chris_K Yeah something weird is going on. Here are my files. Same issue still. Haven't done any transformations with the image when placing it in Affinity Designer. Weird bug. I also embedded a PSD image file into Affinity Designer with the same adjustments and I'm still getting that weird PDF export issue. Attached files. Thanks! Untitled.pdf Untitled.afdesign IMG_7262.afphoto
  13. Hey there! I'm wondering if anyone is having any issues with exporting PDFs from Affinity Designer. I have this Affinity Photo file which has been embedded in my Affinity Designer document (I wish there was a way to link to an Affinity Photo file instead of embedding it... any way) but when I go to export the Affinity Designer as a PDF (With the preset PDF (For Export, For Print, For Web) the exported PDF file is messed up. I have to flatten when I export the PDF in order to fix this. See attached screenshots of what I mean. I also have the same issue with any adjustments that hav
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