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  1. Yeah exactly this. Even though I thoroughly enjoy using the Affinity tools the fact that I can't work directly on the cloud has me switching back to using Adobe tools where at least it's a lot more stable working on the cloud. Adobe at least lets you do a "Save a New File" when the problem does happen. If Affinity wants to be serious about being a legit competitor to Adobe they can't really let this pass through as it's too big of an issue for me. Considering as well that nowadays a lot of creatives either work on the cloud or on local servers. Hope this is a priority Affinity. I'd definitely jump back to using it if it's resolved.
  2. Thanks! It's kinda what I'm doing now. I guess habits die hard when you've been using Adobe Illustrator for years! lol
  3. I'm afraid we'll have to bug pCloud to fix this issue on their end.
  4. pCloud just responded and this is what they had to say:
  5. **Previous comment removed** Getting an error in Affinity Photo too.
  6. Hey there. Thanks for getting in touch. This is a huge caveat I would say. I mostly do all my work on the cloud since I like having access to my files at home and at work. Would it be changed eventually? I have had no issues working with Adobe files using the cloud. I may just consider sticking to using Adobe illustrator then if that's the case.
  7. Did you find a way around for this yet hbeier? Kinda frustrating.
  8. Cool! Thanks! Didn't know there was this option in the tools panel. I'll spend more time looking through the tools and preferences.
  9. Hey there, After working on Affinity Designer for a month now. I'm always thrown off by the inconsistency of using shift while scaling an object/text. By default when you scale a text or a group Affinity Designer scales it proportionately without having to hold shift. But if you hold shift you get to do a free form transform on the text or group. However when you select a single object or multiple objects (not group) at once Affinity Designer by default lets you do free form transform. But when you hold shift that changes to scaling it proportionately for a single object or multiple objects (not group). I find this at least in Adobe Illustrator it's consistent with what shift does. I would know always that holding shift will let me scale all things proportionately. How does everyone feel about that? Thanks!
  10. Hey Chris B and walt.farrell thanks for replying! That makes sense as to why it's doing that. Isn't that kind of confusing though coming from an Adobe Illustrator background. Illustrator assumes the action has a Transform plus Duplicate plus transform since you're kind of doing that as a one action (in some sense). I'm not physically doing a transform, duplicate, transform action step by step but kind of doing that as a one step (transform + duplicate + transform). So shouldnt undoing that action undo that whole action? I'm not sure if it's intuitive. Thanks!
  11. I'm not entirely sure if this is a bug or a feature in Affinity Designer. But every time I drag a shape while holding command in order to copy the shape (while moving it) and then undoing that action, I've noticed that Affinity doesn't really undo that action. It still leaves a copy of that shape on top of the previous shape. For example, I command drag a shape in order to copy and move it. After undoing that action, one would think the shape is gone but then it's not. This isn't the case in illustrator and it's always throwing me off because I end up with multiple copies of the shape on top of each other. Any help or comment appreciated. Thanks!
  12. Hey! I'm having this same exact issue as well. Have never had issues working directly with pCloud not sure what happened.
  13. WOW! Can I just say how awesome and robust the path vector editing is in Affinity Designer!! From the snapping to the alignment (especially when you hold down shift to align in either 90º, 45º, etc.). I'm becoming so impressed with this tool. The process is so clean and not clunky. Big praise!!
  14. Hey there. New Affinity designer user here and while working today I was trying to split a rectangle shape into equal parts. It's fairly easy to do that in illustrator by simply clicking on the shape and then going to Object > Path > Split Into Grid. Is there something like that in Affinity Designer? Much thanks!