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  1. @tealillies hope these alternative links will be easy to download the templates.
  2. Here is the alternative link to download all files (unzipped version) #1 Resume Template - Simple, Bold & Monocolor - Download #2 Resume Template - Modern & Bold - Download #3 Resume Template - Creative & Modern - Download
  3. yes, these links and zip files are still extracting correctly.
  4. Hi, I've checked the download links. its opening correctly. did you try to extract using "7-Zip" or try this Unzip Files Online (ezyzip.com) to extract the file.
  5. UPDATED DOWNLOAD LINK ** Font for this Calendar Template - Download. **click on the image to instantly download the file.
  6. UPDATED DOWNLOAD LINK ** Fonts for 2020 Calendar Template - Download. **click on the image to directly download the file.💚
  7. UPDATED DOWNLOAD LINKS* #1 Travel Agency Brochure Fonts for Travel Agency Brochure - Download #2 Minimalist Real Estate Trifold Brochure Font for Minimal Real Estate Trifold Brochure - Download *click the image to download respective file formats.💚
  8. hi @John Rostron , i have removed the login procedure to all the download links i have posted on affinity forum and you can now direct download the resources without login.
  9. yes! thank for suggesting. i was thinking about that too and disabled it.
  10. hey, thanks for the suggestion. 🙂 🤔I am receiving this similar type of suggestion. Maybe i should change the free resources download link available without any registration. At least the download links that i am posting on Affinity Forum.
  11. #2 Minimalist Real Estate Trifold Brochure DOWNLOAD HERE
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