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  1. 15 hours ago, Boldlinedesign said:

    At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I wish they would acknowledge the customer base that has been pleading for certain essential features for years now without much of a reply. I'm all for the cool smaller additions like time-lapse and the anti-aliasing feature, but not at the expense of the essentials.
    If 2.0 lacks a solid number of essentials, I might hold off on purchasing for a while until they do.

    You are all hoping for a miracle. One that probably wont happen. That is how miracle works. They exist merely in your head. And if ... perhaps in 5-10 years time. What are the odds really? And will it - when finally implemented - be worth the wait? Or suck? What kind of superb vector expertise did you see traces of so far? Or CMYK ditto. And you certainly did not see any kind of vector feature ambitions in Designer. "A stripped down workhorse" hahaha. Stripped down indeed. But you are the work horse! With a hammer and screwdriver from IKEA.

    And the financial injection from the hope - version 2.0! - will Serif change much? Hire more people? Usability experts? Vector experts? Or will they do as they always did, develop a little from time to time and focus on marketing. Behind them dragging a trail of "hopetimistic" costumers with a small budget and thus not much choice. It is all a dream. A fantasy. Beggars can't be choosers - they hard fact behind all this.

    Invest in your own future on Cyber Monday! All the features you seek exist! But you are not getting them in McDonalds. And you will never, ever get a real meal in McDonalds. The concept and its (lack of) potential is obvious.

    So waste time and opportunities (and fun)... or...



  2. 2 hours ago, Boldlinedesign said:

    i love the addition of the time-lapse video and I think it will be really useful to so many artists as They share their work. 

    And that sharing is free marketing for Serif. That is why it was prioritized. That was their motivation. 

    Cyber Monday is coming. If your wallet allows it - I sincerely hope it does - purchase a real vector drawing program. Forget about more gadgets; get a proper tool for your work or hobby. You just cant wait year after year for a miracle happening in budget software. Just look at that watered down, featureless contour tool. Compare it to whatever else. No ambitions, no flexibility, no options. Just more, more, more workarounds.

    For around four times the price of Designer and with zero years of waiting in the past, present and future you can (right now) get this and more:


    Meanwhile in Nottingham...


  3. On 11/26/2020 at 11:18 AM, LuBre said:

    This post is more than 4 years old and we're still here begging for such a simple thing.

    Serif, for the love of God, can you give us a feedback?

    Working on a 34" 4K ultra-wide screen is a pain in the /\ss. This "zoom to 100%" thing is just unbearable when I open multiple images at the same time.

    Please, please, please...

    So what fuels your hope? Just curious. The more this disrupted my workflow the happier I was to pay for Photoshop. Or whatever else.

  4. I have recommended Noiseware Professional several times. It is a little expensive but really effective and FAST! Very fast. 

    Like many other products it is discounted  during the Black Friday week or whatever it can be called. -30% and they don’t do this very often.

    I am a Photoshop guy, I am not sure if it still works well with Affinity Photo so give their trial a run first.

    Also check out other products this week of course. Topaz, DxO, everybody. Save some money.



  5. The development team behind the entire Affinity suite / effort is way, way too small to deliver these programs. Publisher was delayed and delayed and then the first version was too little too late.
    Marketing however is loud and sells budget software for the little guy like it is or could be the professionals choice.
    If it was open source no one would lift an eye brow... but the city market marketing is too far out. And causes frustrations out there.

    You wont fool the real professionals out there (and never did) anyway Serif so why not adjust the marketing to the real customers.

    And yeah Designer is an odd program together with Publisher. It is for digital artists - not publishers. At. All.


  6. 14 hours ago, LogosByDim said:

    This makes the "make node smooth" feature accessible only by clicking on the corresponding button on the Context Toolbar when using the Node Tool. 

    The Click + RightMouse feature is totally irrelevant. It's technically difficult to achieve because of the two mouse buttons need to be clicked simultaneously. Not to mention the right-click menu that shows up.

    If Click + Alt makes node sharp-edged, why not have Click + Control make a node smooth? Or vise versa. The idea is important. Whatever combination that includes a keyboard button instead of two mouse buttons is acceptable.

    That would make the "make edge smooth" much more accessible, just like the "force node into sharp point" feature.

    Do people here agree?

    Click + Alt could simply be a toggle type node like in other programs. No need to make it more complicated than that - and easy to remember (important). 🙂

  7. 46 minutes ago, wcostadesign said:

    Thank you very much man! I think that's really it ..
    Unfortunately I do this very often.😓
    Is there any way to disable this double click block?

    I do not experience this unless I double click really fast - that tells me that Affinity (of course) uses the system double click setting that I changed to a setting requiring a fast double click before it is recognized as as one.

    Perhaps you can do the same?

  8. On 7/21/2019 at 5:08 PM, CJ Randolph said:

    When using the Node Tool, the bottom information line lists "Click+RightMouse to smooth node," but it feels needlessly difficult to accomplish. The user must either click+rightclick perfectly simultaneously, or rightclick and hold then left click. Unfortunately, rightclicking first (which would be easier) brings up the rightclick menu, which blocks then blocks the cursor from targeting the intended node. Meanwhile, attempting to click at the same time is finicky; if the user clicks either mousebutton even slightly before the other, it doesn't work. Either of two changes could improve usability here: setting the rightclick menu to appear on button release rather than on click, or allowing the combination leftclick and hold + rightclick to do it.

    You are totally right.

    Take a wild guess - did a professional, educated user experience designer stick so stubbornly to this nonsense over the years?

  9. "stripped back, pro-end workhorse" 

    • Stripped back... indeed. Like WordPad for Word Processing.
    • Pro-end? Nah. And I think the market has spoken.

    This is just city market marketing. It is not related to reality. But they do seem trying to escape the reality that Designer has virtually no vector features other than the most crucial.

    Remember when Serif finally more or less fixed "Expand stroke" so it doesn't create a gazillion stray nodes? This is how they sold that fix that customers complained about for years:

    Massive expand stroke improvements. Get incredibly accurate results with far fewer nodes than before.


    Yep, but this work horse:


  10. I experienced file corruption in Microsoft Word in... 2002? 2000? Didn't try it ever since - even with huuuuge files in any program. The first thing to consider for Serif is to avoid the scenario at all.

    THEN - to play safe - alternative strategies can be added.

    It sounds like someone made a performance choice that doesn't play well with the real world scenarios customers use the programs in.

  11. Hi @Poziomka

    It is because Affinity renders the area of the layer including the bounding box which - when it is rotated - includes empty space:

    If you press the . key you will see the layers "regular bounds" which I think should used for the rendering of the thumbnail - unless I am missing something.




    What you probably did with power duplicate: made a copy, placed it, rotated it, made a copy etc:



  12. So in conclusion... if you need perspective tools or want to discuss alternatives for this, Serif Software, the Affinity Suite or forums.affinity.serif.com is no help. All we have is people wasting time waiting or debating and nothing results from this besides hurt feelings and people using workarounds for years and years.

    What did you expect from this thread? Serif is not contributing and Serif is not delivering these features either. Of course the debate will circle around what is possible and in the horizon. We cant debate a fools hope forever here... People need solutions. Not threads only with contributions from loyalists.

    If you find it frustrating that customers voice their frustrations and look elsewhere, don't blame THEM. Just hope they won't vote with their feet when you loyalists try to silence them - same goes for potential costumers. The debate here will disappear when the features appear.

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