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  1. Hi, I just started using Affinity Designer at work and I love it so far. One of the features that will really come in handy is to collapse all artboards with one shortcut key. I usually end up with several artboards in an Affinity Designer file and it gets pretty annoying to navigate through layers on top of layers. So please add this feature to the next rollout of the app. Thanks!
  2. I made a set of gradients for Affinity Designer. My first attempt at AD gradient set! Tada! :D I originally created the set to be used at work (using Illustrator) and I made this to share with the nice folks here at Affinity Forum. Hope you guys find this useful. Thanks! - Maya MAYA-GRADIENT-VOL-1.zip
  3. mayahan

    Colourful scooter designs

    I love the line art work. Great job!
  4. mayahan

    iPhone 7 Plus mockup (free)

    Nicely done! Thanks.
  5. Awesome! Thanks for the ebook! By the way, the signup page has a browser compatibility issue on Safari ( mine is version 10.11, by the way). Attaching the screenshot for ya. Thanks again! :)
  6. Great, this will come in handy. Thanks! :)
  7. This might be a silly question but, I noticed there's no such thing as 'Pattern Swatch' in Affinity Designer. I see that you can only save 'color' or 'gradient' swatches. Or am I wrong? I know that you can use bitmap as fill, but when I try to use a (halftone) pattern that I created, the filled image is blurry, not razor sharp. I'm still learning to use 'Affinity Designer' and so far I love it. I hope there's a way to go about creating a pattern swatch. Thanks! - Maya
  8. Wow, thanks, Jer! :) I have tried all those techniques that were mentioned but my pattern still looks blurry. Only one thing left that I could try is to export the pattern as 'TIFF'. 'PNG' format still didn't work so great. I think AD developers should really look into implementing 'Pattern swatch' option next time around.
  9. mayahan

    AD // Nissan Sunny B121

    I like the cartoony look. Good job!
  10. mayahan

    Texture Brush Packs [Dots]

    Nice. Thanks for sharing!
  11. mayahan

    Free Brush Set for Sketching

    Thanks for sharing. :)
  12. This is pretty cool though! :) Thanks for sharing.
  13. Great illustration! At first glance, I didn't really notice the dots.
  14. This is what I'm trying to do. 1. Draw a shape 2. Rotate it 3. Cmd + J: Duplicate it 4. Copy the duplicated shape and move it to a different position Here, I see that the duplicated shape keeps the rotation value (please see the attached images). My question is, how can I keep the duplicate (rotated shape) and reset the rotation value of it to '0', still keeping the rotation? Because I noticed that the duplicate still maintains the rotation value, and when I set it to '0' the shape loses its rotation. Hope what I'm saying makes sense and I'm not neglecting something very obvious. :P Thanks! - Maya
  15. mayahan

    Yet Another First Work With AD

    Simply beautiful. Good job! :)
  16. Great work, thanks! - Maya
  17. mayahan

    Sports Logo

    Great job with the logo! I like how you simplified the shapes as well as the choice of the palette. Looking forward to the final design product.
  18. mayahan

    Her best Companion

    Beautifully rendered! :)
  19. At work, I use Sketch for web design and Illustrator for everything else (multiple page document design, such as, style guide, brandbook, etc.). But Illustrator has been really clunkly, takes too long to open and save, and sometimes the program just won't open at all. I'm getting really fed up with it and thinking of switching to Affinity Designer.
  20. Hi, I'm a web designer and am seriously considering using Affinity Designer at work. However, one thing that I found quite annoying using AD is that the lack of 'Paste in Place' feature between artboards. I use Sketch and Illustrator at work and both programs let you paste objects to another artboard preserving object coordinates. You'll be surprised how often 'paste in place' is used while designing. Please add that feature to the next version of AD. Thanks!