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  1. Hey everyone, it's been a while, but last week I've been working on and off on a Nissan Sunny B121 design. I had a lot of fun, so I thought I'd show it to you: I started off from a photo I got off of wikipedia. After vectorizing the main shape of the car, I decided to modify the design. I've been playing a lot of Auto Modellista (if you don't know the game and are into cars - check it out, it's a classic for the PS2) lately, so I decided to leave the car more cartoony and cell-shaded, instead of going for fully detailed design. I hope you like it and as usual below is the timelapse video. Thanks for stopping by! Timelapse Video (YouTube)
  2. CreationsOfKoon

    Flyer and newyear card the fast way

    Uh, wow, ok! Then you definitely have an eye for the composition of the firework's exploded particles, because they look very realistic! Again - good job and thanks for sharing your method!
  3. Thanks again, MBd! That was my idea with the whole project, I was pretty much sure AD is capable of doing complex pixel work, as well as great vector work. As for the car - something that car guys like to say - anyone can buy a car, but the thing is to build one... even if it is only virtually with the help of a program :D (that last bit is from me :D )
  4. CreationsOfKoon

    Flyer and newyear card the fast way

    Hey v_kyr, how did you get that fireworks effect in the New Year's card? It came out pretty sweet! Is it some kind of particles or perhaps some clever brush work?
  5. That is some seriously good work there! I love how the color toning on the image totally changes the feeling! I really like the design of the ship as well, I can almost imagine how it sounds, when it passes by!
  6. Thanks, MBd! As promised, here's the progress video (Does anyone know how to embed the video in the post? The normal youtube link parsing doesn't seem to work :( ): Video The total work time was about 3 hours and 40 minutes, since I had to work out how to do certain things. After looking at the image for a while I realized I forgot to do final color correction and toning, but I'll try not to forget next time.
  7. Hello everyone, like I posted in my previous topic, I really appreciate the pixel-view in Affinity Designer and wanted to explore the Pixel Persona a bit more. I wanted to experiment a bit and see how far I could push it. I really enjoy automotive design and well.. pretty much everything about cars, so I thought I'd do a bit of a virtual tuning thing with the Pixel Persona and see how it goes. I looked through the tools and messed around for a while before I set off with the project, and pretty much figured, that AD has all the basic tools needed for photo manipulation, aside of it's powerful set of vector tools. I drive a '98 Nissan Micra K11 preface, so I thought I'd give that model a bit of a touch up. Now please bare in mind, that the last time I gave a car the "photoshop-chop" treatment was probably about 10 years ago, so I'm a bit rusty in that regard, but I am really happy with the final result: The full resolution is 1080p, just click on the picture to view it. Here's the original image: So do I think Affinity Designer is not only a great vector software, but also a killer photo manipulation software? Absolutely. Obviously something like a mesh-distortion tool would make the process much easier and will open up a lot more possibilities, but even as it currently is, you can still manipulate the software and cleverly use it's functionality to do some complex pixel work. As in my previous project, I recorded the entire process, but I have to edit the video first. I wanted to share with you my result, so I'll post the video as a comment, when it's ready (I'll get right on it). Thanks for having a look!
  8. CreationsOfKoon

    AD T-Shirt design

    Chris, thanks for the nice words! I overlaid the design on the photo and blurred the edges of the mask slightly to make it blend better. I think the pixel view made it a lot easier to trace the shirt, than if I had to do an approximation with only a vector line. One of the features I found really nice from the introductory video on the AD website. Nils, thanks for having a look at the project! Yeah, those are all closed shapes. For the middle and bottom part I used the polygon tools, that are already available, so they already produce closed shapes, but for the top part, where I used the pen tool, I made sure to close all shapes. It's something I have left from working with advertising agencies - non-closed curves means bad news. It applies mostly to plotters or laser-cutters, but it can cause issues if you export your art for other vector or 3D software such as Blender as well. Obviously not a 100% necessary thing to do, depending on what you do with your artwork, it's just a habit I have.
  9. CreationsOfKoon

    AD T-Shirt design

    Hello everyone! First post in the forums, so here's a little introduction/explanation first: I've been looking for a good alternative to Illustrator (which I use in my daily job) for my freelance work and came across Affinity Designer. I lurked through the forums a bit, saw the introductory video about a hundred times and eventually when Illustrator abolished my last nerve and obliterated any pieces of patience I had left, I knew - Affinity Designer will be the software I use! I thought it would be a cool idea to try and record my first project with the program and share it with the community. It's nothing special, mostly shapes and gradients, but I had to start somewhere, so here goes: A video of the process: https://youtu.be/QlpYsvdkpEY The photo of the t-shirt guy is from unsplash.com. Thanks for having a look!

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