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  1. Same boat - have CS5 Indesign and would love to be able to export into Publisher, but not sure that converting to PDF files would give me the ability to manage newspaper pages for a local community newspaper, and replace/update information on the pages each week.
  2. am hoping the Affinity Team can come up with a batch watermark macro; there was one made for Photoshop CS5 I found via google search a few years back. I'd put photos I wanted to watermark in a folder on the desktop, select 'watermark' in menus, select the destination folder, position of watermark whether a graphic or text, and font/color, and it would run thru it in a matter of moments
  3. Hi, hadn't been here in awhile but when I logged in, saw there was an update. So I opened AP (Mac). No update dialog when I opened Affinity so I went to system prefs on my computer and checked for updates there (I noticed I had 'automatically update apps' unchecked) - it found the Affinity update, downloaded and installed. I then opened Affinity Photo and the free offer was there in the 'Welcome' area. Downloaded, success.
  4. I thought maybe the two at left were accusing the one in front of eating the last muffin...
  5. I was going to say the same thing; I've seen lots of dog pics, this is one of the cooler ones I've seen in a while, well done
  6. Miss Mansfield, England from last year, Amy Belby (right) if I remember her correct name. Reworked via Affinity Photo. Walk around shot at a mall in Mansfield, Ohio.
  7. Carl - Thanks for sharing your work. I will have to try my hand at something similar and let you scrutinize it, whenever I find time. I would leave the shadow in but agree with Aeros4 on how to adjust it. But I don't think that's an ocelot, might be what they call a Savannah Cat, can't think of the other kind of cat that some people have as pets now, that also have the strong markings like that.
  8. Hi all - I have been lurking here a few weeks and have posted a few photos recently in 'show your work' thread. Owner/Editor/Publisher/Production/Photographer/Computer Trouble Shooter/Chief Cook and Bottle Washer at a small town Community Weekly Newspaper in Ohio, USA. My wife is co-owner and Ad Sales Manager/Production. We use iMacs for all things necessary to publish the newspaper. In 1986 my dad (since deceased), one of my 4 sisters and I jumped into the fire of desktop publishing - buying two 512k Mac computers and a $5,000 laserwriter. We eventually ended up migrating to the Adobe suite of Photoshop/Illustrator/InDesign/Acrobat, although we only learned what was needed to publish a newspaper and not much else. We learned a lot by the seat of our pants. I enjoyed using Photoshop for years, but when they went subscription I started looking around for what else might be out there. I had not seen anything as a potential replacement until I discovered Affinity Photo, so recently purchased it and have much to learn. When I post a photo online for scrutiny at other forums, I include the fact that I am switching over to Affinity Photo, to put the name out there.
  9. Jessica at an appearance at a Mall in Mansfield, Ohio. She graciously gave me a moment and I took it. Found the raw file for this one so processed it in Affinity Photo 1.5.1. D600 and old nikkor 28-105 3.5-4.5D lens that I picked up on ebay for $150. If there's no other lenses around, can get by with it. That's the only full-frame walk around lens I had at the time.
  10. Yes, I was happy she wanted to use it. I am friends online with a family who went across the pond to visit her in her homeland. In the photo above, stage background lighting for this production was in a constant state of flux from reds to orange to yellow to green to blue to purple etc. . . .
  11. Franklin


    She is as smart as she is pretty, a neuroscience major. And she generally receives enough attention without having to share phone numbers. The carousel in Mansfield was very beautifully restored and hand-painted some years ago. Did a quick search of my files, here's one of the horses...
  12. Franklin


    Walk-Around shot at event. Continuing practice using Affinity Photo Nikon D600, 1/100th sec. at f/6.3, ISO640, AF-S VR nikkor 24-85 f/3.5-4.5 with SB700 flash and Peter Gregg Better Bounce Card for fill. I don't remember for sure but believe I had flash set on 1/2 power. Post-Processed in Affinity Photo 1.5.1 for levels and white balance adjustment, and using selection tool to then adjust the white levels in the hat. Getting the exposure right in-camera is always the first goal. Coming over from Photoshop CS5 I will have to remake some of my own custom levels adjustments. Hoping I can get Google Nik Collection plugins working in AP as I like some of their stuff also.
  13. A couple years ago I was in Mansfield, Ohio for Miss Ohio Week (part of Miss America Scholarship Program) and learned that there is an exchange program of sorts with Mansfield, England. Miss Mansfield and Sherwood Forest of England - Jessica Boot, participated in activities including singing and playing guitar on stage. Mansfield, Ohio is where Miss Ohio Scholarship Program finals have been held for a number of years. I shot this with a Panasonic FZ35, 800ISO, 1/30th sec. I was informed that Affinity is located not far from Mansfield, England so will share a photo of Jessica, processed in Affinity Photo. I'm still learning what all can be done with this software, picking up a tip or two by browsing the forums here. The Panasonic does not have the resolution and low-light prowess of mid- to high level dslrs but is not bad for what it is. On this occasion was not sure photography would be allowed at all, as some years only certified press/contract photographers are permitted to shoot, and the Panasonic was what I had with me. Photo taken from about half way back in the theater. File cropped slightly and downsized for sharing.
  14. Apologies as this probably is no help for your issue, but I brought up a nef file from my D600 into Affinity Photo 1.5.1 on my iMac and don't see that problem. I'm running Yosemite and latest firmware for my camera. One other thing to try - take out your SD Card and inspect if it is all the way in the unlocked position. I have had a card act up on me and give artifacts, or the camera would not respond well if the little slide was not set all the way. Sometimes they are moved inadvertently while handling the cards or from bumps.
  15. D600, 1/1600 sec. at f/2.0, ISO 2000, nikkor 85 1.8D, manual exposure. Was fortunate to cover a daytime gymnastics meet in a gym where glass block windows let light in near the beam. Girl on beam was a YMCA National Champion twice. When covering sports I usually process from jpeg. I know, shoot raw . . . I have raw set for slot 1, jpeg in slot 2. also, no sharpening or noise reduction in this shot. I went back to original print and concentrated on clone tool and not much else for this photo so it was pretty much Straight Out Of Camera, just cropped and downsized in resolution.
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