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  1. MikeW, thanks a lot for the Peter Kahrel link!
  2. Thanks jmwellborn, I was just wondering if that (pdf's) was a way to work around it, I will definitely give it a try, will buy Publisher in a few months ahead. I have InDesign on an older iMac, but could never agree to Adobes newer subscription system.
  3. Thanks, and thanks for the answer MEB. Then I sadly have to wait for the upcoming version before I buy it. I have Affinity Photo since it came out and will soon buy Designer (that can open old FreeHand files - which was my favourite vector program).
  4. I've got loads of old InDesign documents (Mac) that I made years ago, and want to know if Publisher can open these? Or if it can import them so I can continue and update them in Publisher. I was hoping this should work as Affinity Photo opens Photoshop documents. I couldn't find any information about it on the website. Thanks in advance for any help, Robert

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