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  1. Lafonia

    Logo review (IT Company)

    Hey! thanks for the suggestions and variations! they're great =D Font is Dado Sans Pro Light
  2. Lafonia

    Logo review (IT Company)

    Thanks for the advice, I think it looks much better now, switched to lowercase but bold and larger text, looks ok even on small version. Have a look... That's very good to have in mind, thanks for your advise.
  3. Lafonia

    Logo review (IT Company)

    What about something like: btw, I'm super interested in the first line ion your reply: "Do you need a logo?" Its that not a thing? to have a logo. I don't know why, I just instinctively had the idea in mind that I wanted to have a logo... do I need it? good question, I still think I do but I just can't objectively justify it... I'm puzzled now... =)
  4. Hiya! I'm starting a new company from the ground and because its just me at this point (software development) I decided to do the logo and pretty much everything else myself =) Anyway, I'm not gonna mention the company name but to make sense of the logo lets say its called "DemoPlum", so the two predominant letters here (D and P) are used on the logo. I wanted something minimal that I can easily use as a flat logo on top of any color or background with any color variation. I know its not pixel perfect, I need to work details on it but what do yous think?
  5. Got the same issue, have a set of shapes that I cannot scale properly when I select all of them and resize they go all over the place and the same happens if I group them and do the same... I attached a project file... Regards
  6. Lafonia

    Linux. Seriously now.

    Am I the first person in 2018 asking for a Linux version? Probably... I already got my Windows Versions... Would like to work with Affinity natively on Linux... Just like I do with PyCharm or any of the IDEs from JetBrains. At the office, I'm forced to use Windows (10 atm) but I go home and I can still push/pull code from the same codebases on my Ubuntu machine... so damn nice... I know its a dream... just saying...
  7. I think the functionality looks awesome, hopefully this will be implemented soon in AD...
  8. Meant to write AD on title btw :rolleyes: This software it's just the best, I love using it... Anyway, here's mi first finished drawing. I took a photo of a paper crane that's been around my desk for like a year, put it on AD and draw it... hahaha
  9. Thanks for that... looks awesome! :rolleyes:
  10. Hey, I'm new to the design world and I'm familiarizing with Affinity Designer, I think its great... Really enjoying my time using it... Now, what I'm doing to tech myself the functionality is to go around stock graphic websites and pick up random stuff and see If I can recreate it myself (open content). Today I wanted to (re)create a knob control... such as: And I just can't seem to figure out... obviously I started with a circle shape, added some Conical Fill with the Fill Tool and then zoned out trying to come up with "noise" to add to it? Any help would be appreciated.

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