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  1. Thanks! I did a second one just for fun... A tiger. Have a look! :)
  2. Really like the eye, cheek and lips of your very last creation!
  3. Really like the art style! You got your own style and its really looking good!
  4. Logo without any effect applied on.
  5. Thanks Eejits! I've shown this logo from a presentation I created. It will be the background of my jersey layout. I do have the logo without any effects in it. I will post it later today (not on my Pc right now). Its a bright CYAN in the background and a bright Yellow as main color. My kid loves it! He can't wait to wear his jersey! Hopefully it will be ready next month.
  6. Hey guys how you doing today? It's a bright shinny day today but yesterday was a cold dark one. Rainy at moments in the morning so I took an hour with my son to draw and do arts. I'm a logo/jersey designer and he asked me a Cheetah themed jersey if he passes his grade. So I came up with a logo and now looking to design the jersey with the colors he gave to me. Here's the logo so far. I'll let you see the jersey design when its done and the jersey when its printed and sewed. Should be a month long process since we're doing a lot of overtime these days - no time for personal project - but should be fun! We are working with Adobe's products but at home I'm running both Adobe's and Affinity's and I prefer by far Affinity (unless the tools are existent yet). So this will be done within Affinity from the sketch to the final jersey. (Designer have been used for the Logo - Photo for the presentation). Thanks!
  7. Hi I finally got my intuos pro and wanted to use it with affinity. There are several shortcuts buttons but the one I really was excited to use is the wheel. I've put in in "brush size mode" and tried to increase/decrease the brush size without success... The only mode that is working is scrolling/zoom... The modes are -Scrolling/Zooming -Cycle through layers -Brush size -Rotate I know we can't rotate the canva right now... but the second and third options should work. Is there anything I need to configure? I tried to find something about it on the forum but I haven't been able to. I have the lastest drivers and i'm on windows 10.
  8. What do you mean by "screen"? Do you have the exact name of the feature or what it does?
  9. Well you can press "I" for the color picker and press "I" again to get back to the selection tool. Just as fast as alt would be I guess. Hope it helps
  10. Can you post a screenshot and maybe the image you are using attached to it?
  11. Ok thanks! Can't wait for the update..! So the only way to break the link is to enter in the embedded file, select all, copy and paste it back in the document..?
  12. Can't you just enter this person's email address but your payment info?
  13. Just want to know... Have Affinity Designer been updated since this post? Still no way to incorporate, un-embeded files?
  14. Just a little update... I used the slices system to export and this is magic! I've been able to use that with the option continuous (or something like that) checked and now it does all the job automatically. What I'm doing is designing many parts of a design in a file but on different layers. Then they are all saved as layers and imported in an other file but placed in a mask to fit the sizing. So instead of placing it all manually it does the 4-10 sizes automatically. I haven't found such features in Illustrator (continuous and slices) and its a lot faster and more user-friendly in Affinity! Sad it doesn't allow you to import variables. But I now know affinity is at one feature of being my only designing software/suite!
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