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    StevenS reacted to GarryP in Account convert to Apple Store...   
    Welcome to the forums @Torrak
    It is not possible to convert from an App Store account to a Serif account, or the other way round.
    To get the software from another place you will need to purchase from that other place.
    You might be able to get a refund for your original purchases but the time-frame for doing so depends on the store you purchased from. (The Serif store has, I think, a 14-day timeframe for refunds.)
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    StevenS reacted to Andrew Windsor in Unable to log into my Affinity Photo account   
    Thank you for the update StevenS, Great to know your guys are on top of the problem. Take Care & Keep Safe.
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    StevenS got a reaction from Andrew Windsor in Unable to log into my Affinity Photo account   
    This is indeed the issue, we are actively investigating this, please wait for the first patch where we hope to have this problem addressed for the customers affected.
    Apologies for the inconvenience.
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    StevenS reacted to BrianBrum in Update - confused   
    Wow solved it. I had a bright idea and went to my wife's mac which has a newer system. We have family sharing set up so the old version of Photo was on there and I was able to upgrade it in MAS. I then copied it over to my machine. This was a task as direct copy over wifi kept stalling or failing. In the end I just plugged in a HD and did that way. Once copied I ran it and it allowed me to register at my Affinity account. So now I have all three apps upgraded and registered. Phew only took 24 hours!
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    StevenS reacted to walt.farrell in License info location   
    That's because they gifted it incorrectly and it's registered to them. 
    They should have contacted Serif by email and purchased a redemption code, and then sent that to you. Then you could have done the purchase and it would be registered to you.
    Either way, it's nice to have the gift, but technically the way they did it violates the licensing terms (though I'm sure Serif won't make any trouble about that )
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    StevenS reacted to emmrecs01 in 1.9 update   
    Where did you purchase the apps? 
    If they were direct from Serif, on opening the "old" version you should see a message that an update is available, with the option to download it.  If you don't see the message, simply log into your Affinity Store account, go to "Downloads and Product Keys" and download the new version there.
    If they were from one of the App Stores, MAC, iOS or Microsoft, the updates should show in your store account.
    There is no financial cost in updating any of the Affinity apps, since you a re moving from version 1.8 to 1.9.
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    StevenS reacted to MEB in Wrong Item ordered   
    Hi @TopRobRoy,
    Welcome to Affinity Forums
    Please email affinityreturns@serif.com with your name, order number and reason for requesting the refund to start the process.
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    StevenS reacted to emmrecs01 in Ms   
    @Ruth Turner
    Just to add a little to what @walt.farrell has written:
    If the screen inviting you to register does not appear, at the top right hand corner is a small icon which looks rather like the "upper half of a human body" (for want of a better description).  Click on it to open the account and registration screen.
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    StevenS reacted to walt.farrell in Ms   
    When you install the 1.9 update, then run the updated program, it should present a window where you can register the application or sign in if you already have an account at the Affinity Store.
    That starts the process of getting the free content.
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    StevenS reacted to emmrecs01 in If I have an Affinity photo license for my desk top can I also use the iPad App   
    @John sprigg
    Welcome to the Affinity Forums.
    Each OS (Windows, Mac, iOS) has its own, completely separate licensing system.  Thus to use the software on two different operating systems (e.g., I have just bought an iPad and have APhoto on both Windows and iPad) I had to buy a separate licence for each.
    But, currently ALL licences are half-price so it really is a no-brainer to purchase that second licence.
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    StevenS got a reaction from Ilias in Brush license to create photos on stock sites (shutterstock) etc.   
    Hi @Ilias, welcome to the Agfinity forum.
    Yes, you are permitted to create works that are transmitted publicly, uploaded, distributed or rented for any commercial purpose.
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    StevenS reacted to Alfred in Am I eligible for an upgrade ?   
    Welcome to the Serif Affinity Forums, Ellen.
    Your app purchase was through Apple’s Mac App Store but your workbook purchase would have been through Serif’s Affinity Store. The two are completely separate, and since Apple and Serif don’t share individual customer data there is no way for Serif to know about your MAS purchase. To get the update, you need to log in to the MAS (using the Apple ID that you used when making the purchase) and then look for the update there.
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    StevenS reacted to walt.farrell in Licenses   
    Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums, @John sprigg.
    Each platform (Mac, iPad, Windows) requires the purchase of a separate license.
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    StevenS reacted to walt.farrell in [Solved]Apps registered on the wrong mail address   
    Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums, @joe_l.
    Where did you purchase? If it was from the Mac App Store or the Microsoft Store then you do not have a product key, as the purchase is tied to your Apple or Windows ID.
    If you did purchase from the Affinity Store, then you would get a product key. However, using the betas is restricted to users who own the retail version, and usually requires installation of the retail version first. (Though there is the possibility of entering the retail product key to validate the beta most users do not do that.)
    If you had a retail version installed before, then it is possible that you're using the license left over from that, especially if it was an Affinity Store purchase. In that case, this FAQ may be useful:
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    StevenS reacted to joe_l in [Solved]Apps registered on the wrong mail address   
    Solved. Uninstalled the betas and removed all license.xml. Thx for your assistance @walt.farrell.
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    StevenS reacted to ionh in Prospective purchase...   
    @StevenS, incidentally, love the signature footer, which i shall steal without attribution 😉
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    StevenS reacted to walt.farrell in Affiniti photo software   
    You're welcome.
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    StevenS got a reaction from ionh in Prospective purchase...   
    This will 100% happen, and we will also let people know on our social media channels when it is about to end too  
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    StevenS reacted to ionh in Prospective purchase...   
    Thanks, everyone, for the helpful answers.   My take-way is that discount might be withdrawn at any time, without notice (which is fair enough in my view);   but i can at least hope that, having signed up for emails, Serif might send round an "offer about to expire" alert, or that the special mentioned by StevenS might be repeated.   Caveat emptor!
    Thanks again.
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    StevenS got a reaction from Alfred in Prospective purchase...   
    Just to add a bit of further clarity on the discount in relation to the trial. The trial can be started at any time once the trial key has been received, so potentially the trial could be started in a few years time, and we would not honour the discount at the end if that was to occur.
    What we did last year after the discount had expired was to send an email to everyone who signed up for the trial (and ticked the "Allow Serif to send me emails" box) as they neared the end of the trial period, with a unique link to still get the offer. It has not yet been confirmed that this will happen on this occasion.
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    StevenS reacted to walt.farrell in Have not received my Photo Workbook   
    Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums.
    For this, the best approach would be to email affinityorders@serif.com and give your order number. They will be able to check.
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    StevenS reacted to walt.farrell in Physical Copy VS Download   
    And possibly T-Shirts
    But I think that part of the page could use a bit of clarification about that.
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    StevenS got a reaction from emmrecs01 in Shipping price absurd new Publisher book   
    We are charged by Amazon (who ship the books) depending on the weight of goods that are sent and each book is nearly 1.6kg with packaging. In some countries like Australia, the shipping charge is 60% of the cost of the book!
    We have done our best to alleviate the shipping cost and in all cases we are paying additional costs on top of that which our customers are paying, to help keep the charge as low as feasibly possible.
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    StevenS got a reaction from walt.farrell in Odd pricing in Affinity Store (US)   
    Hi Walt,
    This usually occurs when a VPN is being used, or a browser plugin (or similar) is showing your device as being in a different location.
    Currently whilst working from home and using a remote connection, all sites think I am in Ireland all though I am very much still in Nottingham.
    The good news is that the currency will default to that of your Affinity Store account once you are signed in.
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    StevenS got a reaction from asiyu0809 in i cant buy affinity designer   
    Hi @asiyu0809,
    Welcome to the Affinity forum and I am sorry to hear this.
    If the issues still persists, please contact affinity@serif.com and we can look at other ways to help you place an order.
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